MyMenuDate is the first application from Plaid Vest Software page0_1.jpg

As I understand it this is a new company that has been set up by a new Mac owner, with years of professional development, to sell Mac utility software. The introductory price is $5. As they say “while there are several free utilities that show the date and/or time in the menu bar, our program is unique due to it’s flexibility. It features the ability to “build” the display format string so that you can customize the displayed date and time information to suit your needs. Another feature is the ability to change the text/background colors and font of the displayed information. We feel these are very unique features of our application.”

There isn’t much to review with this type of application, it is simple, does what it says and does it very well. I personally appreciated the flexibility to amend the display format string as not everyone uses the American format! After a few days I realised that I preferred the combined text and background colours to the original OS X option. It is easier on the eye and draws your eye to it on the menu, making seeing the time and date at a glance much easier.

I wish them luck, and look forward to seeing what else they come out with in due course.


* Fonts, size, and text color selection
* Background color selection
* Date information with user-defined display formats
* Time information with user-defined display formats
* Day of week, month name, julian date, and week
* Tuned for high-performace
* Low memory requirements
* Universal Binary for Mac OS X


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