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Since it’s beta launch Pownce has quickly grabbed the attention and interest of many people and has been compared to Twitter. One area the Twitter currently ‘outscores’ Pownce is in it’s ability to show your recent tweets on your blog, and post your recent posts to your twitter account.

Now with the Pownce plugin from Tom Hancocks you can show your Pownce posts on your blog.

So long as you have the Dynamic Sidebars plugin by enabled the Pownce plugin will show up to 9 separate users Pownce posts, in 9 separate sidebar panels, each one generated from their individual feed, in your sidebar.

You can see the Plugin in action on a couple of blogs already:

Tom Hancocks
Almerimar Life

Installation is easy, just make sure that when you set up your account in the Sidebar Widget you type in the user name correctly i.e. AlmerimarLife wont work, almerimarlife does as that is how the user name is set up.

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3 thoughts on “New Pownce Plugin

  1. Susan

    …but this plugin simply shows the pownce posts on the user’s blog front page, right? It doesn’t actually add them to WP posts like the “my twitter updates for today” plugin does? That’s what I really want…

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    At the moment that is all it does yes, although work is ongoing as you would expect. The priority was to get something up and working.

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