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Following on from the implementation of the new design I had hoped that there wouldn’t be any ‘disruption’ to the RSS feed information. Unfortunately that has not been the case, primarily because I didn’t set the feeds up in Feedburner from day one when I first set up the blog, so those feeds unfortunately don’t work anymore.

At the same time I have decided to ‘bite the bullet’ sooner rather than later regards the switch over from the MyAppleStuff domain to the Chris Marshall domain. So the blog is now hosted on the Chris Marshall domain (hhtp:// The MyAppleStuff domain ( is forwarded to the new Chris Marshall domain, and the feeds have been changed to reflect this:

Chris Marshall Content RSS

Chris Marshall Comment RSS

I am sorry, but as I want to use Mint to monitor the sites stats, has ‘lost’ a number of the original feeds, and always planned this move over to the Chris Marshall domain, I decided that it was best to get it all done now. There shouldn’t be any more changes in the foreseeable future, so please go ahead and subscribe to the new feeds.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Thanks

I am aware that a number of the pictures have disappeared – I am working on that!!!

2 thoughts on “New RSS Feeds

  1. Mac Sokulski

    Perfect. Seems to be working so far. Thank you.

  2. ovemiinsito

    Do you know if some company use the same marketing concept as Webkinz?

    I’m writing a few articles right now and want to get some info and opinions.

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