New Speakers Unboxing

Here is an interesting looking set of speakers that I just received. They are from Ferguson Hill, out of Camden London, and have started to be marketed toward the Mac crowd. You can see why, as they are very artful looking. So far, they sound fantastic, as they should. The horn and bass speakers, with the amplifier, run $1,195.00. The subwoofer will set you back an additional $595.00. They are the first speakers that include white gloves to unpack and handle them!

Will update you later on how they really sound, but thought you might be interested in how they look:

Editor Note – Just to say that Wayne has extensive knowledge of ‘audio’ so trust what he has to say!

Speakers 1.jpg

Speakers 12.jpg

Speakers 16.jpg

Speakers 34.jpg

Speakers 36.jpg

Speakers 55.jpg

5 thoughts on “New Speakers Unboxing

  1. Darren Rolfe

    Not sure have just checked again to see if 10.4.9 changed anything.

    It hasn’t. There are posts all over the internet, some with alledged solutions others saying Apple has dicontinued support.

    All I know is that I now a £150 jelly mould.

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    They are probably the best sounding speakers I have heard. (Of course, I haven’t heard the $10,000+ speakers either.) They blow away the Sonys and Pioneers that you would find at your local Best Buy. Being the middle of Vermont, we don’t have any of your “high end” specialty shops to be able to compare with other compareable speakers.

    Having said that, they are a little cumbersome. Not quite fitting where I would really like them to. They only take un-amplified input, so there’s no hooking it up to the home receiver/amp. Only an iPod or computer or CD player. Also, they are really clean sounding. They seem to have traded clean sound for volume, so you can’t really “crank” them. They are only 16 Watts, but for home use, I think the volume is plenty. I am almost 40, so I’ve got to get used to telling the kids to “turn it down!”

    So I like them, even though they are for a very narrow market.

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