New Speakers Unboxing

Here is an interesting looking set of speakers that I just received. They are from Ferguson Hill, out of Camden London, and have started to be marketed toward the Mac crowd. You can see why, as they are very artful looking. So far, they sound fantastic, as they should. The horn and bass speakers, with the amplifier, run $1,195.00. The subwoofer will set you back an additional $595.00. They are the first speakers that include white gloves to unpack and handle them!

Will update you later on how they really sound, but thought you might be interested in how they look:

Editor Note – Just to say that Wayne has extensive knowledge of ‘audio’ so trust what he has to say!

Speakers 1.jpg

Speakers 12.jpg

Speakers 16.jpg

Speakers 34.jpg

Speakers 36.jpg

Speakers 55.jpg