No Jailbreak on UK iPhone

Ouch! Looks like the UK iPhone due out this week will have a new Firmware version on it 1.1.2 that will void all the current Jailbreak options.

So how long before this one gets broken? And how does this stach up with the unlocked version that is going to be out in France?

6 thoughts on “No Jailbreak on UK iPhone

  1. Adam Ramshaw

    I spotted this earlier today. Hopefully won’t take long since I hope to get some third party apps on my iPhone.

  2. Danny

    I am going to be quite happy to be locked for a while I think. The real test will be whether I can wait till february!

  3. Mac Sokulski

    With iPhone it’s easy, since all the essential apps are already on there. iPod Touch is a different story, because if you don’t hack it, it’s just a simple ipod with a cool interface.

  4. Danny

    @Mac – Agreed there. I am buying the iPhone because of the features it offers out of the box. For me the idea of 3rd party apps is a nice bonus but not a necessity (I know for others this is not the case) , I am buying it for its email, safari etc etc.

  5. Mac Sokulski

    To tell the truth, the third party apps that are available today, are not that great. They are there, but there is nothing compelling, to actually go and muck around the iphone. Even on the Touch, all I have is the iphone apps, and nothing else.

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