Nokia Aeon Wants to Be Touched

NOT an iPhone! I have to say that I have always stayed clear of Nokia phones if I could. My wife loves them, but I have always worked on the basis that everyone else has them so I will be different. Now this would actually be different and be a Nokia.

Nokia Aeon Wants to Be Touched

The Nokia Aeon has a similar design to the Synaptics Onyx. The concept phone will feature a full surface touch screen display that replaces the traditional keypad. Its unique design gives this concept phone an extremely sleek and sexy look. Nokia should use some perfected material that doesn’t leave fingerprints on Aeon’s touch screen display; otherwise, you will probably spend half your time wiping it. Two more pictures after the jump!

3 thoughts on “Nokia Aeon Wants to Be Touched

  1. wingnut

    I am sure I saw pictures of this Nokia phone some time ago. So maybe Apple’s claims of the iPhone technology being ‘5 years ahead of it’s time’ are a little exaggerated.

    Any idea on when the Nokia to be in the stores – don’t tell me a 6 month wait?

    Are we seeing signs of the competitors desperately trying to whip up some PR around this years new models.

    Personally I am waiting for the stripped down Nanofied version of the iPhone to be produced if it ever does happen.

    I have heard good things about Nokia and I too have met lots of people who swear by them. Personally I haven’t owned one for quite some time. But as I am about to renew my contract I think I will be opting for a Nokia. Of course they are one of the few brands which are quite likely to sync with your mac. I said likely to sync!

    see link:

  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    I am pretty sure this is still just a concept so not release date for the forseeable future 🙁

    BUT I am pretty sure that Apple will have done what it does best and that is to market and position itself as the innnovator, when in reality I am sure that a lot of companies are working on similar developments.

    I am with you on the “smaller” iPhone, I just want one that is primarily a phone. As for Nokia, they do have some pretty neat stuff around at the moment – you could do worse! I have no problem at all syning with my V3 though.

  3. zeb

    Apple is not the innovators, I am using Phone like that for past 2 years, Its motorolla (A1200) touch screen PDA. I am sure their are other phones out in the market as well like apple. Also Except You tube their is no other feature seen in the phones and all of them were released before Apple I phone. Apple is a bull shit phone. Look at Nokia N95 and few others, amazing phones.

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