Oxygen Supply

The more time I (through No Boundaries Cricket Club) spend looking at how clubs can embrace increased diversity and inclusivity, the more I realise just how hard it is going to be on a practical level for many (I would say the majority) of clubs on both a infrastructure and commercial basis. It is not that they don’t accept/agree/understand that it is the right thing to do, but for many change will pretty much off their current oxygen supply and that would have significant consequences as you would expect.

Cricket is still living very much in the past: at club level it is still predominantly Saturday that is the main day, with Sunday second, and revenues are still hugely dependent on bar takings. At the professional level Test Grounds have maybe 5 to 8 days a year to make ‘serious money’ so they charge as much as they can for tickets, and ignore the Drink Aware messages they are made to display and sell as much beer as they can.

Cricket is dependent on drinkers with high disposable incomes. That is NOT to say all cricket fans are drinkers with high disposable incomes, but those of us that enjoy a day at a County Game with our own sandwiches and drink for £250 a year membership can do so because of the above.

Which begs the question: why would cricket change? These ‘serious money’ days sell out. The cricket is increasingly tailored to the fans attending these days.

Cricket and the ECB in particular have a huge issue to resolve if they are really serious about inclusivity: they need huge investment in the infrastructure whilst at the same time finding new revenue streams so they are less dependent on what is in all honesty one of the key barriers to inclusivity and diversity in cricket.

T20 Finals Day

Socially a very good day as ever, and less alcohol consumed than previous years, BUT still way too much and am pretty sure that I am going to take a year off alcohol when I turn 60. We lucked out with the weather, and whilst the quality of the cricket wasn’t the best it was exciting.

Still can’t shake the feeling that is it is all feeling a little sad/old/samey and that may be me, but when the ‘best’ entertainment is launching T Shirts into the crowd I think it is time for a rethink.

Unicorns v Flyford Flavell

Not playing as had the coaching/umpiring hat(s) on and I have to say I am really enjoying them, and fund the umpiring is really helping the coaching.

Unicorns Coaching

Is quite a challenge keeping the various skill levels active and interested, whilst at the same time treating each session as a jigsaw piece to the ‘bigger picture’ but so far think I am coping OK. Already starting to think and talk about the winter and next year.

Staffordshire v Cheshire

Rained off. No tears shed by me as whilst I was fit to play, a day on the sofa resting legs very welcome. I am playing a lot at the moment and have a busy August and September so it will be very much the case of playing and resting and no practice as such.

Physio & Fitness

I am not making any progress with my weight, although I am a lot fitter. Think a somewhat radical and focussed year is required and whilst waiting till the end of the season makes sense, I am 60 later this month so am going to start then. Try and shed some weight before the end of the season then have a very strict off season.

I was due to see the physio next week but as I was still pretty sore at the beginning of the week after the Scotland game, despite not playing at the weekend, I brought this forward to Friday as I was due to play on Tuesday (which I would have been a bit of a sore one) and then again on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday next week so I wanted to get some work done and check I wasn’t damaging the old body.

Of course Tuesday was rained off so body had an extra rest, and as things stand neither Saturday or Sunday look promising weather wise, but I trotted off to the physio anyway. The issues remain very much the same: my shoulder/arm are sore when bowling but I can bowl OK but I can hardly throw (this is primarily a nerve related issue I think), and my hamstrings which just get very tight after sitting for any length or time or being used which manifests itself in very sore knees and painful hips (tends to be ok once warmed up and playing).

And ….. she remains really positive about progress and long term prognosis, but it will take a good winter schedule to complete. In the meantime a few specific exercises to try pre game and post and some very deep releases probing which hurt and made me somewhat hopeful that the forecast rain for Saturday arrives and the game for Church Eaton is called off, although I do enjoy playing against Wedgwood.

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