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“With PageSender ($29.95), fax or E-mail anything you can print. Use the built-in PageSender Fax Center to manage and automate your fax activities.”

I have never really been that satisfied with the faxing options on a computer, and to be honest since switching to Mac’s I have still done what little faxing that I have needed to do from my PC. Sending a fax has never been one of those tasks that I have found remotely interesting. Regardless of a computer based option or the more traditional manual method it has always seemed somewhat mundane and pedestrian.

I am not going to say that PageSender has transformed my world, but it does make sending a fax a little more fun, and it is certainly a lot easier to use that other applications I have looked at.

It seems like I can’t get away from PDF’s these days. This is another application that works well with them in terms of attaching them to faxes.

If you fax a lot (ideal for those of us that work at home) or just want to have a bit more fun when you fax, this is a solid application.

Page Sender is full-featured fax software for Mac OS X…

* Print, E-mail, and even AppleScript received faxes

* Live addressing with Address Book (10.2), Entourage, Now Contact, and Outlook Express and Palm Desktop

* Use any font on your system (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

* Automate sending of faxes and E-mails via AppleScript

* Receive faxes using your fax modem

* Use with any popular address book or E-mail client

* Attach additional PDF documents when faxing

* Use eFax, jConnect, EasyLink, or MaxEmail services

Additional Information:

Send via these E-mail applications:
Claris E-mailer, Eudora, Mail, Mailsmith, Microsoft Entourage, Outlook Express, PowerMail

Drag & drop support for these address books:
Address Book, Claris E-mailer, Eudora, Mailsmith, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, PowerMail (and vCard files)

Fax support for these services:
Fax modem,, jConnect (, EasyLink, MaxEmail

System Requirements
Mac OS X version 10.1.3 or later.
Mac OSX version 10.3 (Panther) requires at least PageSender 3.1.1.

A note though – it is the 5th birthday of PageSender on the 23rd April so v4 will be released very soon!

As this is another great product from SmileOnMyMac they provide a comparison with Panther Fax and Tiger Fax

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