Peddling Software to the Mac Crowd at The Apple Blog

I had to post a reference to this article as it tied in really well with what I was saying in the Disco review.

Peddling Software to the Mac Crowd at The Apple Blog

Peddling Software to the MacCrowd

MyDreamApp, MacHeist, MacZOT!, MacAppADay – these are all recent or current marketing plans that have originated in the world of Macintosh software. With the exception of MacZOT! (which follows something of a Woot plan of attack, offering one smokin deal a day) these ideas are all pretty unique.

MDA and MH have drawn their Mac customers in with interesting games and contests. Making the potential buyers feel like they’re a part of the product, and they begin to have a vested interest in the app. Very ingenious way of creating marketing hype.

There’s the recent MacAppADay which is offering a limited number of free licenses for a selected app on each day of this month. 5000 licenses to be exact. All I can figure with this plan of attack is that the blogging and discussion that surrounds each day’s freebie creates more

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  1. Wayne LeFevre

    Has anyone been following Boinx software? They have an Adeventskalendar on their site. Every day you get a peice of an advent calendar puzzle, and an application deal. It’s a nice idea for a company to do.

    No affiliation, just a curious follower.

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