Photo Stuff That Caught My Eye – 26/02

Although I will soon be moving up to a DSLR I will still keep my Sony DSC T7 and in all probability my DSC F707, so I am always going to be interested in any new Cybershots from Sony. I have always preferred them to the Nikon Coolpix, although I am taking a closer interest in Nikon these days! Their P5000 looks interesting. This review of the D40 got me thinking.

Moving away from Cameras these tips on how to shoot better B&W pictures really interested me.

Once you’ve shot your pictures you want to show them off and the Digital Photo Cube helps you do that.

I was really impressed with this picture taken on an escalator. I have never been to Mexico City so these pictures were really interesting, if not a little bizarre!

Back to reviews: the Canon EOS-1, Canon D40 caught the eye on the camera side of things, whilst over on the software side Aperture 1.5.2, Lightroom 1.0, and Nikon Camera Control Pro all gave a lot of food for thought.

I can see I am going to have a busy time ahead deciding which way I am going yo go!

And finally. I have upgraded my personal Flickr account to PRO. I will be updating it in a big way over the next couple of weeks and will be closing down the free Flickr accounts that I have used for the RockDoves and Moreno. All of these pictures will be uploaded to the new PRO account. So …………

– I would love to have you post your Flickr account details over on the forum,
– please feel free to add me as a contact on your accounts, and I will reciprocate,
– please send me any Mac or Mac related pictures for the OurCoolMacPics account, and

I am looking for a other picture posting options for the pictures I intend to take with the DSLR. I am very impressed with what I have seen about SmugMug and am considering trying it so if you have any experience of it please let me know. As ever I would welcome any other suggestions!

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  1. MyAppleStuff Post author

    That is good to know, thanks. If you fancy sharing the account details it would be great if you would post them in the Forum on this thread so that I (and others) can enjoy your pictures?


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