Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac unveiled

Adobe has announced the release of Photoshop Elements 6 for OS X.

From its beginnings as a slimmed down version of Photoshop, Elements has developed into a one-stop shop for image organisation and management, editing and output – and kind of Adobe-enhanced iPhoto.

Via [MacUser]

6 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac unveiled

  1. Gary

    My father will be very pleased to hear that! He didn’t go to v4 initially, and then v5 came out on Windows only and I discouraged him from going to v4 at that time.

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    It did not look like Adobe was interested in the “little people” program there for a little while. Maybe apps like Acorn and Pixelmator showed them that there was still a Mac market for the hobbiest. (is that a word?)

  3. Gary

    @Wayne I felt it was more a case that they were uninterested in the Mac market with that product.

  4. jeremy

    I have v4 which came bundled with the Epson v750pro scanner I bought. It is really good. I made a panoramic photo from scanned negatives. If v6 is better then it is well worth the price

  5. Gary

    I took delivery of my father’s copy on Friday. It’ll get installed when I go over to visit later on today…

    @Jeremy – Adobe don’t list an evaluation version for the Mac yet, but since there’s one listed for Windows, it seems fair to expect that one will be made available in the fullness of time. Note that, as an owner of PSE v4, you’ll be entitled to buy an upgrade, rather than a full new version. I got my father’s upgrade direct from Adobe.

  6. Gary

    @jeremy Sorry I never followed up sooner. I was quite impressed with the limited time I spent with PSE6 after installing. My initial impression was that the user interface was muuuch better than the one in PSE3 which was, in my opinion, a right mess. (Also, I didn’t have to faff about with permissions because the installer was brain-dead. Grrr. This time, it installed cleanly. It was quite slow, but it got there in the end.)

    As far as panoramic stitching is concerned, I was able to give that a quick try. I had some shots I took on holiday last year available in iPhoto on the machine and used them as the test. The results were very impressive. I’ve got Photoshop CS3 and have tinkered with panoramic stitching in that a little. It looks as if they have simply transplanted Photoshop’s stitching module.

    They’re also now listing an evaluation version for the Mac now. Click on the All product trials pop-up menu at this page.

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