Export videos & photos to FTP, databases, or documents from iPhoto, Aperture and Windows

Reviewing an application like PhotoUpLink is on the one hand really easy and on the other really hard.

Hard? Well it doesn’t do much that is really visible. It quietly gets on with its job and does it really well.

Easy? Well it doesn’t do much that is really visible. It quietly gets on with its job and does it really well.

As I don’t use Aperture and couldn’t bear the thought of testing this out on Windows I can’t comment on either of those options but with iPhoto it works a treat.


As you can see setting up to work with your FTP server is easy and straightforward and proved to be a really good way of uploading photos. I must admit that I hadn’t really thought of even using iPhoto in this way.


As you can see it is also a way to create a panorama from your photos, although I preferred to actually do this in Photoshop BUT if you don’t have photoshop, or want a relatively quick and easy way to create one this is pretty good.

And that is it really. Their web site grows on you. To be honest it isn’t that attractive, but it is functional and has some good information and of course you aren’t buying the web site are you?

If you have a need to FTP your photos or videos then I would certainly suggest you take a look at PhotoUpLink.

Key Features

  • Universal binary plugin / Windows executable adds video-capable PhotoUpLink exporter to iPhoto Export Photos dialog, Aperture export, or Windows context menu.
  • FTP items directly from iPhoto, Aperture or Windows Explorer to ANY server!
  • Upload images scaled to ANY size!
  • Export video and images into any ODBC datasource such as MySQL server for publishing to image databases and web image banks. Create Excel spreadsheets of iPhoto, Aperture or Windows library contents, or send albums to FileMaker.
  • Eliminate the hassle of sending high resolution photos and large attachments of camera videos to friends. Just FTP from PhotoUpLink, and the created email will have an AppleScript attached that allows the recipient to import directly into a new iPhoto or My Pictures album, no costly annual subscription required!


PhotoUpLink for iPhoto 18.49 EUR
PhotoUpLink for Windows 18.49 EUR
PhotoUpLink for Aperture 18.49 EUR

A Cool Diagram on how it works


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5 thoughts on “PhotoUpLink

  1. Dunks

    Noticed the quicktime tab on the first screenshot – trying to work out what this does? Assume this is for videos captured on digital cameras but would be interested if this is a way of exporting a set of images to a quicktime based slideshow.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    The File Export, Web Page and QuickTime tabs are all standard tabs when you select the Export function in iPhoto, nothing to do with PhotoUpLink – that is a single tab that gets added with this application.

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