Picturesque – A Bloggers Delight

A picture is worth 1,000 words and that just about sums up this review of Picturesque ($19.50). One of the most time consuming aspects of blogging is the continual fiddling around with the graphic(s) picked up off the site. Sorry – should have said “used to be” as Picturesque has improved the process significantly.


“Picturesque is an application designed to make images look gorgeous for the web.

With an animated “drag and drop” style interface, Picturesque can beautify your images with reflections, soft glows, shadows, delicate curves, strokes and fades in less time than it takes to open Photoshop.

Picturesque can also beautify a whole folder of images in batch with a single click, and includes Automator actions for automation.”

Photoshop it isn’t, but effective it is. In the time that it would normally take me to open photoshop, open the file, resize it etc I have tried several different options in Picturesque and got back to the writing. It even allows you to do some batch editing with a very simple and pleasing drag and drop GUI. Take a look, it is very very good.

Features Summary:

* Simple, refined and elegant interface.
* Beautify your images in mere seconds with drag-and-drop simplicity
* 6 tasteful effects that look great.
* Beautify multiple images in batch.
* Built-in image scaling, so you can batch create gorgeous thumbnails.
* Save with transparency, so your images look great on any background.
* A set of Automator actions to add beautification to your workflow.
* Fully scriptable with AppleScript

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