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I got this from Darren (aka wingnut):

Can’t wait until June in the US or the Q4 in UK. You don’t have to!

It’s here… well the ringtone is. As used by SJ in the keynote all those weeks back. I only recently picked this story up off a podcast (MacBreak Weekly). If you see the link on Digg it’s been in discussion for quite some time. I actually quite like the tone and yes I have downloaded it and installed it on my Samsung.

I don’t have any intention of getting an iPhone but I now have the next best thing a mobile that sounds like an iPhone.

Download the iPhone Ringtone

iPhone Ringtone Sounds Like Holy Angels Tinkling

iPhone Ringtone Sheetmusic



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2 thoughts on “Pimp Your Mobile

  1. Darren Rolfe

    Well an official teaser aired overnight during the oscars. No doubt it’s all over the net by now. But apple are currently running it as the opening page, so check it out. It tells you nothing about it other than it will be here in June. If you hadn’t heard! But if you dig a little deeper on the apple site, it does go into specific features in a bit more detail.

    But the iphone ringtone question continues, what is it? Here is the link for the ringtone used in the teaser.


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