Playing T20 Cricket

I have a theory that a mid week T20 match would be more beneficial than a club net for me personally, and in all probability the majority of cricketers, certainly after a ‘certain age!

Don’t laugh. I know T20 is for the ‘young guns’, and quite rightly given the inherent pace and power in the game, but remember my theory is that it might just be more beneficial than a regular club net.

I should start by explaining what I mean by a regular club net: mid week, 2 hours, no fielding practice, 10 minutes frantic batting against a mixed bag of bowlers, and 90 minutes of bowling even if you never/rarely get to bowl on a game.

If that sounds familiar read on, if not thanks for getting this far into the post.

Compare the above to a T20 game: opportunity to bowl 2 to 4 overs in match conditions, time in the middle on a proper pitch, 20 overs of fielding which after all is the thing most of us do most of and in all honesty would benefit from being fitter and better.

Add in the opportunity for some pre game throw downs, and a few drinks post game with team mates and opposition and I really think it is a more attractive proposition for many.

And … maybe, just maybe for a lot of clubs putting out a mid week T20 team may be easier than trying to put out a 3rd or 4th Saturday team on a rented pitch in the middle of nowhere.

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