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I have just come across the Podcast User Magazine thanks to Wayne, who I assume has been reading it as part of his own learning curve regarding his own podcast adventures.

I thought I would draw it to your attention as I really like it for three reasons:

– the design and layout is very pleasing on the eye and particularly easy to read,
– the content has a number of really interesting articles (see below) and is well written, and
– it is just about the perfect length for a PDF magazine that you read on your screen.

So what caught my eye:

– The Belkin mixer seems pretty trendy looking,
Ubercaster was a good read and seems like a neat product, and well worth a look,
– Recording Live with Skype or Google Talk with MP3 my MP3 seemed kind of neat and easy, although I am skeptical about the quality that can be achieved with these services,
– Why Making Money From Podcasting is Essential introduces an interesting debate but doesn’t explore the key area of ‘how’,

I have uploaded the PDF so if you want to download it you can here. Hopefully they wont mind! It is well worth taking a look if you are involved in podcasting or thinking of getting involved.

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  1. Jimmy

    Hi Chris.

    Just a note to say thanks for the kind words about our magazine.


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