Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Black Legend Batting Pads

I bought these a) because I could, b) because I could and c) because I wanted them. I have little expectation of using them, although I do have a theory that I could play T20 – couple overs of controlled Off Spin, patrol the boundary with the aim of catching the slog rather than stopping the two, and swing the bat at number 5! So there was a little hope if not expectation in my decision but basically I wanted them because they are black, cool and very much represent the times we live in so will go well in my collection of the periods I have played in.

It all started though with a Black Friday email from Gray-Nicolls confirming my Players Code for 2022 and inviting me to purchase the pads which are not available to the general public. Sucker that I am they had me hooked!

My Review

Wow. Amazing. Brilliant – look at the photos below, these are a serious pair of pads.

I am fortunate to have a quite a bit of Elite/Test Level cricket equipment and is hard at times to see what really makes an item that level, but with these pads there is simply no doubt, at all!

They look and feel amazing: light, protective, comfortable and cool to look at. Many years ago I had a pair of moulded Sunil Gavaska pads and these remind me of them in many way.

Turn them over though and they are nothing like. The level of protection and comfort is simply stunning.

Sorry, it seems like gloating as the chances are you wont be able to get a pair but if you are looking for some serious batting pads check out the regular (plain old boring white) Legend Pads which will set you back £149.99 but I doubt you will be disappointed. You can get the excellent Prestige Pads in Black & Blue and the Ultimate in Navy & Black along with Marion & Black Batting Clads on the All Rounder Cricket site.

Oh yes, they also go really well with the Powerbow Inferno 2000 Batting Gloves

Manufacturers Product Description

Some cricket pads are made for your everyday player. Some are made for legends. The Legend batting pads by Gray-Nicolls are a high-performance product in the new range, developed for cricketers playing at the top level of the game. If you need a leg guard that gives incredible levels of protection, flexibility, and that looks beautiful, we recommend you consider adding the Legend batting pads to your collection.

Now for the first time, Legend pads are available in black.

Technically, this is a leg guard at the very top of its game, with features that make every aspect of this pad simply first class. The light high-density foam bolsters – reinforced with cane rods – offer unparalleled protection in the front of the pad, but without any bulk or added weight that can compromise other pads.

The Legend batting pads include a gel-zone knee, which works with the bolsters to ensure the front of this pad cannot be beaten for protection. The gel-zone knee also offers batsmen the ability to flex at will, allowing for easy weight transfer at the crease.

Further protection on the Legend cricket pads can be found at the side of the pad, the full-length high-density foam wing. The wing serves as a fantastic defence against deliveries that often miss the front pad and cannon into the side of your knee and leg.

Finally, the Vapour foam instep ensures that maximum comfort is achieved at the base of the pad, even during a long-lasting innings. Other pads can cause discomfort around the bottom of the shin area, but not the Legend. Not only that, but the foam will protect the shin and ankle from the impact of fierce, fast bowling.

The Legend is an iconic name in the Gray-Nicolls collection, and the leg guards do the family complete justice. High performance, incredible aesthetic, fantastic product. Competing with a Legend is tough.


  • High-density foam bolsters reinforced with Cane rods for exceptional lightweight performance
  • Gel-zone knee with poly armour for added flexibility and comfort
  • Full-length high-density foam wing gives added protection at the side of the pad
  • Vapour foam instep
  • Designed by our specialist product team based in Robertsbridge

MRP: £119.99

First of all they just look and feel great.
If you have ever wondered what differentiates a Test Level piece of kit to a Pro or Club level then these will help you ‘see the light’: unbelievably light, fit like a glove (well not really of course) and have so much protection.
Not only is the padding thick it is reinforced with strips running between the padding and the main pad.
They are not moulded but they feel like it such is the bow and overall structure
A LOT of protection
Comfort and Protection what not to like.

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