Product Review: Gray-Nicolls All In One 360 Batting Thigh Guard

Am selling this will all proceeds going to charity so please make an offer. This is a really good thigh guard. It is a little small for me and sits rather uncomfortably on my hips, but that is an issue related to me being 6ft 4ins not with the guard which is very good: moulded to fit the things well, offers a good level of protection, good straps, all the things you need presented at a good price.

Gray-Nicolls All In One 360 Batting Thigh Guard

My Review

Absolutely nothing wrong with this product. Last time I wore a thigh pad it was made of foam, had straps that seemed to wrap around waist and thigh about three times, and was about as effective as a copy of the Beano down the back of your trousers when you visited the headmasters office: yes I am that old, we used to get the cane at school!

And it only protected your left thigh, never crossed my mind to protect the right one!

Now to be fair although I say this one was too small, and it is, matters probably not helped by the original pair of pads being too small as well and my old body (specifically by back, shoulder and neck injuries) means I now bat with a far more upright stance.

Anyway I have been hit a few times on both pads, and with the qualification that the bowling wasn’t rapid, they did their job.

Manufacturers Product Description

For cricketers that want high-level protection and freedom of movement at the crease, the All-In-One 360 Thigh Pad delivers. Calling on all the years of expertise that Gray-Nicolls possesses, this thigh pad is perfect for club cricketers looking to upgrade their protection.

The thigh pad comes with a waist strap that is fully adjustable, allowing you to adapt it depending on comfort preference or regardless of size. An inner thigh guard offers further protection and can save you from a painful blow.

We’ve designed the thigh pad to be flexible, allowing batsmen to move freely while in action. Too many all in one pads restrict movement – the 360 Thigh Guard by Gray-Nicolls definitely won’t.

A Lycra covering ensures a breathable flexi-fit, ensuring that even in the heat of battle, batsmen will remain cool allowing them to focus on their game.

For dual level protection that will stand up to the game’s fastest bowlers, choose the Gray-Nicolls All-In-One 360 Thigh Guard

Protection Level: Club


  • Fully adjustable waist strap and built-in inner thigh guard
  • Flexible design allows for protection and movement
  • Lycra covering for breathable, flexi-fit
  • Dual Level Protection

MRP: £34.99

Gray-Nicolls: 360
Gray-Nicolls: 360 Thigh
Gray-Nicolls: 360 Inner
Gray-Nicolls 360: Excelent Protection

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