Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Classic Prestige Batting Pads 2018 v Masuri T Line Batting Pads

The T in Masuri T Line stands for Test, whereas Gray-Nicolls pitch the Prestige pads at the County/Premier Level which from the start would intimate that the Masuri Pads should be better. On the other hand they are both priced at £100 so they should be the same?

Which is right …. you will just have to read on to find out!!!

Masuri TLine v Gray-Nicolls Prestige: same size, both have ankle protection, bit more side knee protection on the Masuri, less branding on the Gray-Nicolls
Gray-Nicolls Prestige v Masuri TLine: the Masuri look wider but they aren’t. The GN do have a larger top part, whereas the Masuri have a larger bottom area. Same level of comfort and security of fit.
Gray-Nicolls Prestige v Masuri TLine: Masuri edge it with the knee and side protection, but GN have more front on knee protection
Masuri TLine v Gray-Nicolls Prestige: Masuri have more padding inside for both the knee and the top of the leg.

You wont go wrong with either pad, but I feel that the Masuri edges it in the protection stakes, whilst the Gray Nicolls is a slightly better fir for me being taller.

You will probably get a better discount on the Gray-Nicolls pads if you are happy not to have the latest model as unlike Masuri they have a wide product range.

All else fails toss a coin, or go with the one that you prefer the look of. Tough one for me that as I grew up with Gray-Nicolls, but of all the new kids on the block Masuri are my favourite.

Gray-Nicolls Classic Prestige Batting Pads 2018

My Review

I have reviewed these pads before but have included the review below for ease of comparison.

If you think you are paying a premium for a more enhanced brand model then you are wrong. These pads are different and in a good way.

They still feel light and not at all cumbersome, but at the same time they feel more substantial. For me the length is better, and I like the extra ankle protection but depending on your stance you may feel they get in the way. As I stand with my bat ‘hovering’ rather than tapping the ground it is not an issue for me.

The pads feel like they are standing out further on your legs because of the extra protection, but they are not. They are a little wider and more moulded which I think is the reason they still feel so snug, and my attempts at a jogged single was no slower than in the Ultimate.

It may well be the psychology of having to convince myself that they are better but they do feel more reassuring, but as I often say, the chances of me facing a 80mph ball are somewhat unlikely.

Whichever pads you buy I don’t think you will be disappointed, but you will know why you have paid more if you go with the Prestige version.

Manufacturers Product Description

The Gray-Nicolls Classic collection features batting leg guards that bare the unmistakable hallmarks of our iconic brand. The Prestige batting pads, ideal for professional or club players alike, fulfil just about every wish a cricketer could have, and then some.

Featuring the quintessential Gray-Nicolls check design across the straps, with flashes of red coming from our logo, the Prestige batting pads are only equalled in their beauty by their quality.

The Prestige batting pads have a range of features that will ensure your performance is never compromised.  They include fantastic Vapour foam bolsters with cane rods, which deliver fantastic protection against even the fastest bowlers, but without adding excess weight that can burden some pads.

Further to this, the Prestige leg guards also feature Vapour foam knee with Poly-armour. This will allow the batsman to move freely at the crease, moving forwards and backwards with ease as their innings develops, while also protecting them in the heat of battle.

Additionally, the Prestige pads give batsmen fantastic coverage on the side of the pad – an area that has previously been overlooked – courtesy of the full-length diffuser foam wing. This will provide significant protection if the ball cannons into the area, saving you from what can be a very painful blow.

Lastly, the diffuser foam instep gives incredible comfort during what can long, sweaty innings. They are soft and supple, reducing the risk of soreness, while the foam adds yet another layer of protection regardless of the bowlers you face.

The Prestige is a fantastic product that takes pride of place in our new collection. Designed with high-level club cricketers in mind, the Prestige looks and feels exactly what it is – an incredible product.

Protection Level: County/Premier League.


  • The leg-hugging design combined with butterfly padded straps and buckles offers a superior and comfortable hit.
  • Gel-Zone knee cups with added EVA and side wings provide added impact resistance.
  • A combination of high density foam and cane rods provide improved impact absorption.
  • A Vertical Bolster incorporating 30mm Vapour Foam offers added armour to the leg.
  • Additional foam around the ankle increases comfort and fit.

MRP 2020 £99.99

MRP 2020 £99.99

GN Prestige: Font View gives good view of branding which I love, pro level protection at ankle and good knee protection
GN Prestige Rear: just look great!
GN Prestige Knee Protection
GN Prestige Side View: well moulded providing a good fit and excellent protection
GN Prestige Padding: comfortable and effective
Gray-Nicolls Prestige: Excellent Protection

Masuri T Line Batting Pads

My Review

I have reviewed these pads before but have included the review below for ease of comparison.

No surprise I am a big fan of Masuri: I like their minimalist approach to branding, the colour scheme, but mostly the amount of protection that they offer.

I have said before, and will say again, and will say now: for most of us we do not need the level of protection that ‘pro level’ equipment provides. I would argue against myself when it comes to gloves as our lack of ability increases the chances of being hot on the end of the thumb so a good pair of high level gloves would be top of my list!

With pads though I doubt many 90mph balls will be thudding into my knees so the reality is you are going to buy what you want, rather than what you need! That’s OK, just be honest about it, embrace it and when it comes to your partner play the “got to have the same brand and model – it’s the done thing these days”.

Anyway these pads are brilliant: soft and supple, strong and secure, they provide excellent protection, are light, comfortable and look great.

As I have come to expect from Masuri they are at the forefront of the market protection wise, but they look as good as any pads on the market. You wont go wrong with them, but you may want to start your search for new pads with them as you will probably save yourself a lot of time.

Manufacturers Product Description

From THE cricket protection specialist – Masuri – this batting pad features advanced Masuri Applied Technologies including PRO FOAMS, KNEE BLADE EXTRA and KNEE WING offering ultimate protection to the player where it is needed most.

A modern take on the traditional construction this pad has greater impact absorption to the area a batsman needs it most – the knee.

The most popular choice of batting pad within the range – this takes the traditional batting pad profile but advances its protective qualities by incorporating the KNEE BLADE EXTRA.

• PRO FOAMS – a combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact areas.
• KNEE BLADE EXTRA – reinforced PRO FOAM positioned in front of the traditional knee bolster of the batting pad. Integrated within the pad, reducing the risk of a ball penetrating the knee roll without impacting running movement or comfort.
• KNEE WING – reinforced PRO FOAM that protects the vulnerable side impact zone of the knee joint. Strategically positioned on the front of the pad without having any negative impact on movement or comfort.
• Socket knee bolster for additional support to the knee.
• Padded straps and butterfly straps for additional comfort and secure fit.

MRP: £100

Masuri TLine Pads: I am a fan of the minimalist approach to branding.
Masuri TLine Front: the PU Instep and Knee Protection are obvious.
Masuri TLine Bottom: the extra protection you get on Pro level pads.
Masuri TLIne: a very structured, light pad with good protection
Masuri TLine: a lot of protection and comfort for the knee
Masuri TLine: I am a fan of the colour scheme and you can see the padding well here, a very comfortable pad.

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