Product Review: Gray-Nicolls GN800 Duffel Bag v Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle Bag

Gray Nicolls Legend Duffel Bag

I know, two bags (well three if I am in full disclosure) which is pretty much the norm as far as I am concerned and if ever I was going to have more than one of anything it was going to be a bag: I have a ‘thing’ about bags and seem to have spent my entire life in search of the ‘perfect’ bag for any number of uses.

The reason I have two Gray-Nicolls bags though can be put down to a lack of research and naivety as to how much stuff a modern day cricketer carries.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the GN800, but the clue was in the Manufacturers Product Description “perfect for young cricketers” – it is basically too small for an adult (SH) bat. You can get one in easily enough at an angle, but if you carry two you are really going to struggle to get the straps closed, and when they do the bat handles sort of poke up in a rather unseemly fashion.

The Legend on the other hand is more than big enough for three bats, although I currently ‘only’ have two in mine, and all the kit fits in really well (I can even get both helmets in if I want) but personally I don’t think there is enough room to pack all your clothing comfortably. I have done a video (below) that shows that is is possible, but I found that a) the clothing was crushed and creased and b) the bag became too big and cumbersome. I am already intrigued as to how teams get to away games as I remember back in the day three of us sat across the back seats of cars with kit bags piled on top of us, and the kit bags now are at least twice the size and weight, as indeed am I!!

Time will tell on that one, but for now I have gone with a kit and clothes solution i.e. the third bag: 2020 Kookaburra Pro 500 Grey Barrel Bag bought via eBay from lorimers4sport for £19.99 MRP £22.99.

  • Ribbed 500d
  • Medium Sized Storage
  • Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Hanger
  • External Bat Pocket
  • External Drop Pocket
  • Size: 600mm x 300mm x 300mm (L x W x H) • Capacity – 54 Litres

Gray-Nicolls GN800 Duffel Bag

My Review

Pockets, lots of pockets, which means that you can get a lot in, but you will need a good memory as to what goes where.

I like the colour and like the front loading zip, although it not being full length can make getting pads in particular in, and there is not natural place for your helmet.

It is comfortable on the shoulders and would be an excellent bag for the younger player.

I am thinking that I will use mine for coaching equipment in due course.

Manufacturers Product Description

The new range of Gray-Nicolls luggage – the GN800 – features a fantastic duffle option that will become an essential product for cricketers across the globe. In striking blue, navy and grey, the GN800 Duffle is a high performance, high-class item with a host of brilliant features.

Featuring seven storage pockets, there is ample space for all your kit needs – even for cricketers with more kit than they could ever use. There is a primary storage item in the heart of the bag, with ample room for pads, shoes and helmet to fit comfortably.

The internal padded bat pocket ensures your trusted weapon of choice is protected at all costs, while there are multiple areas to keep those little extras that cricketers like to have on them at all time – tape, scissors, grips and bat cones.

Precision engineering is the order of the day with the GN800. There at two shoulder straps on the bag, featuring fabulously soft padding that ensures whoever is wearing it will never experience any discomfort. We have also included a lined valuables section, helping keep your items safe.

Perfect for young cricketers and club players; the GN800 Duffle is functional, comfortable, and brilliant value for money. It comes with the Gray-Nicolls promise of quality and performance – we can’t wait to hear your feedback.


  • Functional large duffle
  • Excellent, innovative storage options
  • Large side pockets for extra storage
  • Seven separate sections for kit storage
  • Internal padded bat pocket to protect your most important item
  • Padded shoulder straps for added comfort while transporting
  • Lined valuable section to keep your possessions safe
  • Size: 85 x 38 x 35cms

Purchased via eBay from harma6425 £34 MRP £69.99

Gray-Nicolls GN800 Duffel Bag
Gray-Nicolls GN800 Duffel Bag

Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle Bag

My Review

I have reviewed this bag previously on the site (video below) so will focus on the comparison withe the GN800.

Compared to the GN800 size is the most obvious difference, this is a seriously large bag, yet remains comfortable on the shoulders and the waist strap offers good support and stability.

I particularly like the section at the bottom (shoes) and at the top (helmet and gloves), leaving the main section for pads, thigh pads etc.

The side pockets are long enough to get a throwing stick, cloud catcher cricket bat, spare thigh pad etc in as well as several internal pockets for bat grips, cone, sunglasses and the such.

This is a Pro Level bag so it will suit your needs I am sure. The quality and look are great and if you want just one bag this will suffice (see below) but I prefer to have my equipment in this bag and my clothing in the Kookaburra.

Manufacturers Product Description

As soon as you say Gray-Nicolls Legend, images are conjured of class and quality. Whether a bat, gloves or luggage, a Legend is guaranteed incredible performance and stunning aesthetic.

The Legend Duffle is no different. Combining the tradition of Gray-Nicolls with the stylish duffle bag, this is a must-have item used in 2018 by India in their tour of England.

Its features make it stand out as one of the top bags of 2020. There is bat compartment with space for three of your favourite blades, protecting them from the rough and tumble of the rest of your kit. The ergonomic design maximises all available space, with an extra pocket in the lid of the duffle.

The primary storage area is large enough to hold all of your kit – even you wicket-keepers – but there are also separate places to store your shoes and pads. If you are concerned that a duffle doesn’t give you enough space, think again.

Small changing rooms are no issue for the Legend Duffle, offering a fantastic stand-up design that is a brilliant space saver at the game, and at home over the winter.

We have created a unique zip design, which will allow you to access all areas of the bag easily – perfect for someone with lots of kit!

The piece de resistance of the Legend Duffle comes from the H carry straps that allow you to transport the bag comfortably on your back, with a brilliant waistband that fastens around you for extra stability.

If you want to be a legend of cricket, you need to get your gear right. The Legend Duffle is the perfect place to start.


  • Three bat capacity padded bat pocket provides a safe area to store your cricket bats
  • Large main storage compartment, giving ample space for bigger items
  • Stand up design and stable base, perfect for small changing rooms
  • Separate shoe, helmet and accessories pocket
  • H carry straps with waistband, allowing you to transport your kit easily and securely
  • Ergonomic design to fit the body and stand up to the stress of cricket
  • Extra lid pocket for further storage
  • Size: 100cms x 40cms x 38cms

Purchased via eBay from lorimers4sport £79.99 MRP £99.99

Gray Nicolls Legend Duffel Bag
Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffel Bag
Packing My Gray Nicolls Legend Duffel Bag

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