Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Off Cut Pro Batting Gloves

You could argue that nothing symbolises the way that cricket has moved on than when a classic, understated, established brand adds funky to their stable.

Say hello to the Gray-Nicolls Off Cut Pro Batting Gloves.

My Review

Very much part of the T20 Kit Bag, these gloves are very similar to the Powerbow Inferno 200 gloves, as far as overall quality, comfort and protection are concerned although these have more structured sausage style fingers (very popular with the Pros) but don’t have the index finger protective strip which I really like. They are half the price though primarily because they cheaper to produce as they use up the off cuts.

Reality is you are going to buy these gloves on looks more than anything I else I suspect.

They are a really well priced pair of Pro Level Gloves and that tells you all you need to know about the level of protection, comfort and quality.

A quality glove with great protection which looks great -if you like that kind of thing!
Personally would have preferred more rainbow style as they used to but as the name implies these are made from off cuts from this years product range.
Extremely Comfortable
Good protection but not as comprehensive as on other elite/pro level batting gloves

Manufacturers Product Description

For 2020, we are excited to bring you a new concept batting glove. Allow us to introduce: The Off-Cut Pro adult batting glove.

The Off-Cut Pro contains the same high class features that adorn our top level gloves, but design-wise these are unique. The gloves contain discarded materials from our factory, ensuring that every set of Off-Cut gloves is different.

Recycling old materials is great for sustainability, and also for your wallet. Re-using materials allows us to keep the cost of the product down, without any compromise on performance.

The gloves themselves feature premium sheep leather palm, which offer both fantastic levels of grip over an innings, and great durability over the course of a long season.

Poly-armour overlays the traditional finger design, giving batsmen tremendous flexibility and protection against even the fastest bowling.

The thumb has two sections, allowing for fantastic freedom of movement when gripping and manoeuvring the bat, while also distributing the impact of the ball.

Finally, tri-layer protection distributes impact across many layers, keeping your hands and fingers safe against even the fastest bowling.

Bat with confidence and style this season in the Off-Cut Pro batting gloves.


  • Premium sheep leather palm
  • Traditional finger design with overlay Poly-Armour
  • Two section thumb
  • Tri-layer protection

MRP: £51.99

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