Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno 2000 Batting Gloves

Well when you have stunning Gray-Nicolls Black Legend Batting Pads which you will probably never use (T20 theory to one side) of course you need a pair of matching gloves. Now unfortunately they do not make and have no plans to make their Legend Batting Gloves in Black which left me looking for a pair of Test Level Batting Gloves that matched the Black Batting Pads.

And guess what ….. say hello to these beauties!

My Review

One can only assume that batting in a Test you need gloves that are light, comfortable and protective. OK, I get that is a requirement of any batting glove but at Test Level the ball is harder and faster, you can bat for hours, even days (although probably not for more than 10 overs in a pair of gloves at any one time), but you hopefully get my point: if I was playing in a Test I assume I would be happy to wear these gloves.

They are comfortable, very comfortable.

They have great protection, not least because of the sliding nature of the gloves and the inbuilt support bar which honestly something I always thought gloves should have – some form of carbon fibre type shield built into the glove. Well 40 years later I have my wish ….. Glide Guard, it is brilliant!

Of course they match the Black Pads and are also unlikely to get used as well but you know I don’t care right?

Manufacturers Product Description

The Powerbow Inferno 2000 Adult Batting Glove is the premier choice for serious cricketers in 2020. Bold and brilliant, these gloves are must-have.

Featuring fantastic yellow and black design, the Powerbow Inferno gloves will make you stand out the crease both for their looks, and the quality they add to your game.

The palm of the glove is made from high quality Pittard leather, offering you a premium feel during long stays at the crease.

A new piece of technology adorns the Powerbow Inferno – new flexi-finger design features Glide Guard, an extra layer of protection that sits in between the flex of the fingers when you bend your hand.

Our three-section thumb gives you a supreme level of flex and an incredible amount of protection, removing the risk of the full impact of the ball on just one area of the thumb.

The Tri-Zone side impact bar is a key feature, ensuring that in the age of innovative shot making, all parts of the hand are protected from the hard cricket ball.

For incredible levels of protection, comfort and design, make the Powerbow Inferno your glove for 2020.


  • Pittard leather palm
  • Innovative Flexi-finger design with Glide Guard protection
  • Three section thumb
  • Tri-zone side impact bar

MRP: £114.99

Cool, very very cool.
Look very closely, this protective strip is brilliant – not least because I suggested it in the late 90s!!!!
Soft VERY soft, I can’t stress enough how soft and comfortable these are,
A very attractive glove.
A lot of protection and who doesn’t want a bit of Pro Shielding!

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