Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Prestige Batting Gloves 2018

These are a lovely pair of bating gloves: extremely comfortable, good all round protection, high quality and as I am a big fan of the branding, look great.

If you have £60 to spend and are not a Pro then you need look no further really as these will serve you very well indeed.

Gray-Nicolls Prestige Batting Gloves 2018

My Review

I actually can’t recall with any real clarity which brand of gloves I used back in the 70’s and 80’s. I did have a pair of the “must have” SP Mittens for a while, and a pair of own brand (Bourne Sports – now sadly closed – in Stoke) mittens which were larger and softer.

I seem to recall some SS standard sausage gloves, but (and this will be no surprise) I think I just bounced around buying the current trendiest gloves each season.

They all seemed pretty much the same, got very stiff when your hands sweated (I even tried inners for a few seasons), and you just hoped you didn’t get hit on the end of the thumb basically.

First impressions of the Prestige Batting Gloves: they were big, much bigger than anything I had worn before, and second: boy were they comfortable. Unbelievably soft, yet at the same time very reassuring that they were going to offer a LOT of protection.

Visually more like your typical “sausage” style, they incorporate a number of very flexible sections which add to the comfort but don’t take away from the protection.

The thumb had more protection than anything in my previous life, and I immediately liked the Eva Shielding Bar which ran along the index finger, with a smaller one along the little finger on the left glove (I am right handed).

Nice vent along each side of the glove means that it is very unlikely given our climate and my ability that my hands will get too sweaty, and the velcro fastening was very snug – yeah for velcro!

I was a little concerned that given their size I would find them a little cumbersome on the bat – a very irrational concern when you consider it – but it really was a stupid concern.

As I have said before the level of bowling (pace wise) that I have faced since picking up a bat again does not warrant this level of protection, but they are listed as perfect for a good level of club cricketer. I can’t argue with that, and I would recommend them without question.

Protection Level: Club

Manufacturers Product Description

The Prestige cricket batting gloves by Gray-Nicolls come from our Classic range and are perfect for a good level of club or high-level junior cricketer. They are beautiful, high performance and full of innovative design traits – everything you’d hope from a Gray-Nicolls product.

In a world of noise, the Prestige design represents a change of volume but loses nothing for it. The classic black and white checks are visible on the sweatbands, with only the red Gray-Nicolls logo giving any hint of colour.

The Prestige batting gloves offer batsmen premium leather palms, which give a brilliant feel even during long innings. They are durable and ultra-comfortable, essential characteristics of top-level batting gloves.

As a traditional product in the Classic range, the Prestige gloves feature sausage type fingers which allow for great flexibility, and no compromise in protection or weight.

The Prestige glove offers excellent protection that is more and more useful in modern cricket. The three-section side impact bar at the side of the gloves not only protects against fast bowling but when playing funky shots such as ramps, scoops and reverse sweeps.

Tri-layer protection gives the user extra layers of robust defence, distributing the impact of fast bowling throughout the glove.

If you buy the Prestige batting gloves, you have the Gray-Nicolls promise of high-quality performance and fantastic comfort. All you have to do now is step to the crease and perform.


  • Premium leather palms for fantastic comfort and unbeatable grip
  • Traditional finger design, allowing for greater flexibility
  • Three section side impact bar protects the side of the hand against fast bowling
  • Tri-layer protection reduces the impact on the body of the glove

MRP: £59.99

Gray-Nicolls Prestige: a lovely pair of gloves
Gray-Nicolls Prestige: I love this branding!
Gray-Nicolls Prestige: Eva Shielding Bar is excellent
Gray-Nicolls Prestige: Good all round protection
Gray-Nicolls Prestige: very very comfortable

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