Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bat

Gray-Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bats

My task today is two fold: 1) to explain justify why I have three Gray-Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bats and 2) a fourth bat, Gray-Nicolls NHS Charities Together Cricket Bat.

My defence starts back in July 2020 when I treated myself to a Gray-Nicolls cricket bat for my birthday. No reason other than I just wanted to have one to see how much they had changed since “my day”, and all I did was look on a discount cricket site (Morrant Cricket) and bought one that I liked the look and price of. It just happened to be a Supernova 4 Star (Gray-Nicolls rate their best bats 5 stars, not that I knew this at the time). As you will see below the bat has my name and date of birth on, so it was never intended to be used. It was always going to be part of my Cricket Collection

Bat two was the bat that I bought when I decided that I was going to start playing cricket again. The fact that it is the same make at the Birthday Bat is really a coincidence. I bought it off a clearance site on eBay and was driven by price predominantly, the fact that I liked the look of it, and by this time I knew 4 stars was a good bat and was going to be more than good enough for me.

Bat three ….. I think by now I was pretty deep into my addiction but I convinced myself that as second “back up” bat may not be a bad idea, and then I struck gold – a second hand bat to be used in the nets, which of course made perfect sense that it was the same make, quality and weight as my “match day” bat – I did tell you I had become a tad obsessed by now!

Bat Four ……. no defence needed I think: I bought one of only 20 NHS Charities Together Cricket Bats to support the amazing NHS and other “heroes”. I was a little disappointed with Gray-Nicolls in that I was under the impression that all proceeds were going to the charities, not the profit, and there was no mention until the release date that they were only making 20. I am not sure what the profit is on 20 bats but I doubt it is that much. NB: I have subsequently notices that Gray-Nicolls tend to only ever release 20 “speciality” bats at a time. I was waiting online with multiple browser window opens to ensure I could grab one, and I love it, but as I said I think they could have done a bit more.

One general observation: I am not impressed with the quality of the bat stickers on any of the bats. They either split or bobble and the Gray-Nicolls policy of having to return a bat to them to have new stickers attached makes it an expensive option, and to be honest given how poor they have been on the three new bats I have bought I can’t see it being that successful.

Gray-Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bat

My Review

I do like this bat. It is not the latest model, but it is more than adequate for me. It came with a protective cover (Extratec) which I decided to remove and to treat the bat and spend some time knocking in the bat: a trip down memory lane for sure. I decided to do this after buying the second “net” bat (£20 a bargain!) as that had no cover and I preferred the look and sound of the bat in the nets.

I always used to bat with two grips on my bats, so I have done this with these bats, and I like the extra width and the cushion it provides at the base of the bat.

For me, compared to my previous bats, the weight is amazing when you look a the size of the bat, but the balance is exceptional and the edges are as big as the middle on my first bats!

I have little doubt this is a great Club Cricket bat, I certainly have no complaints. I do keep mulling over upgrading to a Pro Level just to see what the difference is, but don’t tell Sandra …..

Manufacturers Product Description

Cricket is very much a confidence game. It ebbs and flows, like a batsman’s form. Sometimes you have none; sometimes you are brimming with it. Confidence will never be an issue again with the Supernova Infrared cricket bat.

The sweeping red sticker sweeps down the spine of the bat, exaggerating the size of the blade with which you are about to cause destruction. If the fielding side weren’t worried before, they are now.

Work now begins, but you’ll benefit from the work that has gone in to make the Supernova cricket bat one of our best. The contouring and shaping give batsmen the ability to increase their hand speed to manoeuvre the ball, while power comes from the intimidating middle swell.

The Supernova Infrared, ideal for high-level club players or professional cricketers, has been designed and refined by our master bat makers in Robertsbridge throughout the past year. Our aim – optimise weight distribution to ensure optimal pick-up and maximum power. Mission accomplished.

The asymmetric red and black face stickers, coupled with classic Gray-Nicolls chequerboard design, marry the innovation and tradition that ensure cricket’s oldest brand continues to stay at the top of the game.

The 5 Star Supernova InfraRed bat is from the finest grade 1 English willow grown and felled by us in Sussex. Your blade will be clean and tightly grained, making you the envy of the dressing room.

All bats in the Supernova Infrared range will be quality controlled at our home in Robertsbridge before being are sent out to you.

Already proving to be one of our most popular bats, the Supernova Infrared will give you the confidence to perform out in the middle.

  • Mid-swell for explosive power for all style of player
  • Specifically shaped to aid hand-speed through the ball to increase power and improve timing
  • Unblemished, tightly grained willow giving you a pristine looking bat
  • Handcrafted by Gray-Nicolls trained bat makers, and quality controlled in Robertsbridge ensuring you’ll only receive a bat of the highest quality.
  • Dynamic red spine sticker, evoking the spirit of Gray-Nicolls, cricket’s oldest brand
  • Asymmetric black and red face sticker, bringing a modern feel to a classic cricket bat
  • Featuring the return of the classic Gray-Nicolls chequerboard stickers
  • Weight Range: Junior 1lb 14oz – 2lb 6oz, Senior 2lb 7oz – 2lb 12oz
  • Finish: Extratec
  • Semi-oval handle for comfort and complete control

Purchased via eBay from Sport Bay Clearance: £79.99 MRP £149.99

Birthday Bat: Gray-Nicolls Supernova 4 Star with name and date of birth
Gray-Nicolls Supernova 4 Star: Match Day Bat (top), both with a second grip.
Gray-Nicolls Supernova 4 Star: Rear (Nets Bat – bottom – has some tape on)
Gray-Nicolls NHS Charities Together (Front)
Gray-Nicolls NHS Charities Together (Rear)

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