Product Review: Masuri E-Line Batting Gloves 2019

E Line is the Elite level of product from Masuri, so these are gloves that the Pros wear (they do a Pro version with more traditional sausage fingers if you prefer), so you will expect them to be of a high quality, provide a lot of protection and be very comfortable.

They are all of the above, plus …. they are unbelievably comfortable and as I am fan of the branding I think they look great as well.

Far more than most of us would pay for a pair of batting gloves but of all the protection you will require I would suggest given a lot of thought to the best level of glove you can buy. The ball does not have to be that fast to do some damage, and inflict paid, on the end of your thumb, on a knuckle (I have broken both in the past) so for the less able batter I think good gloves are a wise investment!

Masuri E-Line Batting Gloves 2019

My Review

I chose the ‘regular’ E Line over the Pro ones as I preferred the look of the multi-flex construction.

They offer more protection around the end of Thumb, but the Meta Shield could be a little bigger in my view.

The Wrist Bars on the other hand provided an unexpected bonus: they are great for checking out the alignment of your hands on the bat – possibly not so important for you but as someone still trying to get to grips (I know terrible pun) with the whole grip, stance, trigger movement I have found this useful.

Are they worth the price? I suppose the truest way to answer that would be to have Jofra Archer hit me on the hand at 90mph and I may be able to tell you, but that is not going to happen! At my level of skill, there is an argument that that they are far better than I would need but I have a view that I am more likely to get hit on the hands not being that quick anymore and I have broken more than my fair share of fingers in the past, but that does not mean they wont be for you if you play at a higher level.

Protection Level: Masuri have three ranges – E (Elite), T (Test), C (Club) so these are about as good as you are going to get.

Manufacturers Product Description

This batting glove features advanced Masuri Applied Technologies including the THUMB CLAW, four WRIST BARS and META SHIELD offering ultimate protection to the player where it is needed most.

Made using advanced Masuri PRO FOAM technology this product offers far superior protection to its rivals. Also includes sheepskin palm, full leather (three piece) thumb and inside towel lining.

A split finger, multi-flex construction featuring all the new Masuri Applied Technologies result in the most advanced level of protection seen in a batting glove.

• PRO FOAMS – a combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact areas. Independently proven to provide 30% more impact absorption than commonly used foams.
• THUMB CLAW – a reinforced PRO FOAM that hooks around the tip of the thumb offering greater protection when impacted by the ball. Ergonomically designed to fit with the construction of the glove without compromising movement or grip on the bat.
• WRIST BAR – a reinforced PRO FOAM that protects the radius and ulna bones in the wrist. Integrated into the existing wrist band of the glove ensuring that playing style is unaffected.
• META SHIELD – a reinforced PRO FOAM providing targeted and increased protection of the metacarpal knuckle. Integrated within the glove (over the index finger of the bottom hand and little finger in the top hand) without impending grip.


• Strong, durable and breathable sheepskin palm offering incredible grip and feel on the bat.
• Breathable, double-sided elasticated wrist band offering comfortable and ergonomic fit to the player.
• Designed by Masuri, THE cricket protection specialists and experts in impact absorbing technology.

MRP £100

Masuri T Line: a very good looking glove
Masuri T Line: I am a big fan of the thumb protection and wrist protection but feel the index finger protection could be bigger.
Masuri T Line: a LOT of protection
Masuri T Line: exceptional comfort and quality.

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