Product Review: Masuri E Line Batting Pads

For reasons I can not even start to justify I now own five (5) pairs of perfectly adequate and useable batting pads!!

The Gray-Nicolls Select 600 are in my ‘museum’ as an example of how pads and the brand I used 40 years ago have evolved. The Gray-Nicolls Classic Prestige I still use in the nets partly because I have them, but primarily because they tend to get dirtier in the nets and I hate having dirty pads on match day!!

I still have the Williamson Boucher Classic Batting Pads, but I am waiting for a Junior at Barlaston Cricket Club to grow enough so I can give them to them. First come first served just waiting for nature to provide a winner.

And of course I have my Masuri T Line Batting Pads which I really like and used all of last season.

Which begs the question why have I got a pair of Masuri E Line Batting Pads as well? Before I even attempt to answer that let me explain how I got them, as this is about as mad as the fact I have them.

Having written back in August about how hard it was to get Cricket Stuff this year it did become something of a mission. I finally tracked a pair down to Whack Sports Gold Coast in Australia and did a deal on the pads and a Masuri T Line Thigh Guard that meant it was actually cheaper than buying them in the UK!

As to why, well I didn’t really need the extra protection as having been LBW a fair few times last season I never felt any pain. Humiliation and anger yes, pain no. Being a tad anal I did like the idea of the E Line pads to go with my E Line Batting Gloves but the main reason and you will laugh …. was the straps! Not the fact they were padded but the fact that they were shorter.

My Review

If you look at the pads side by side with the T Line version you will struggle to see any real difference, a fact reinforced by the chart below. They do have a little more protection and padded straps, but it’s the fact the straps are shorter that is the real plus. I am not a big fan of straps that ‘stick out’ or having to loop them so the facts are shorter and fit perfectly is a joy to me!

Yep, sad old man!

I have said before, and will say again, and will say now: for most of us we do not need the level of protection that ‘pro level’ equipment provides. I would argue against myself when it comes to gloves as our lack of ability increases the chances of being hot on the end of the thumb so a good pair of high level gloves would be top of my list!

With pads though I doubt many 90mph balls will be thudding into my knees so the reality is you are going to buy what you want, rather than what you need! That’s OK, just be honest about it, embrace it and when it comes to your partner play the “got to have the same brand and model – it’s the done thing these days”.

Anyway these pads are brilliant: soft and supple, strong and secure, they provide excellent protection, are light, comfortable and look great – and yes I did say exactly the same about the T Line ones!

As I have come to expect from Masuri they are at the forefront of the market protection wise, but they look as good as any pads on the market. You wont go wrong with them, but you may want to start your search for new pads with them as you will probably save yourself a lot of time.

Manufacturers Product Description

The ‘Players Pad’ – this batting pad is built to the shape, specification and comfort demanded by the highest level of professional players. Featuring the strongest composite of PRO FOAM in the top hat, KNEE BLADE and shin bolster.

• PRO FOAMS – a combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact areas.
• KNEE BLADE ULTRA – reinforced PRO FOAM positioned in front of the traditional knee bolster of the batting pad. Integrated within the pad, reducing the risk of a ball penetrating the knee roll without impacting running movement or comfort.
• KNEE WING – reinforced PRO FOAM that protects the vulnerable side impact zone of the knee joint. Strategically positioned on the front of the pad without having any negative impact on movement or comfort.
• Socket knee bolster for additional support to the knee.
• Padded straps and butterfly straps for additional comfort and secure fit.

MRP: £125

Masuri Batting Pads Comparison
Masuri Batting Pads Comparison
A familiar look and feel
The curvature is very comfortable and a good fit.
A lot of protection and comfort
Minimalist Branding which I like

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