Product Review: Masuri E-Line Pro Batting Gloves

I know I already own a pair of Masuri E-Line Batting Gloves (well two pairs actually!) and in addition to the review I also did a comparison review with my Gray-Nicolls Prestige Batting Gloves, and for completeness I should mention the Williamson Boucher Classic Batting Gloves, so why you will no doubt be asking did I need another pair of gloves?

Because of my broken little finger!

I should make it clear that I broke it fielding, not batting, and all the above gloves have so far provided ample protection and comfort, but as I have repeatedly being struck on the finger while fielding I wanted some extra protection while batting, and help! You see all of the above gloves are so soft that whilst I can get my bandaged finger in no problem, but the fact I can hardly bend it means that I am getting next to now contact with the bat handle.

I needed (wanted) a more structured glove i.e. on with a more solid finger structure that basically bent my finger for me.

And of course, they had to match the rest of my equipment: Masuri on match days with the addition of a Williamson Boucher Bat in certain conditions, Gray-Nicolls in the nets – although any one that reads my diary on a regular basis will know that I am not netting much at all these days for a variety of reasons!

Masuri E-Line Pro Batting Gloves

My Review

I have stated previously that batting gloves are pretty much top of the list for me when it comes to shelling out for as good a quality as you can afford. I have taken several blows to the hand and fingers this year and all the gloves I have used have provided excellent protection.

Slightly ironic that the reason I bought these gloves was because of a broken finger then, but more to protect the finger that was broken fielding than to protect it from further blows.

My issue is that I currently can hardly bend the finger, so although whilst taped up it fits in my other gloves no problem, it does not bend as all my current gloves are soft and unstructured i.e. no curvature to the fingers really, I wanted a pair that would in effect force my finger to bend, to at leat ensure was some contact with the bat. It’s my right little finger so my bottom hand so it doesn’t get used much when batting, but it has been awkward for a while now.

These gloves do the job perfectly. Being of the more traditional ‘sausage’ style they have a natural curvature which keeps the finger bent, and the solid nature of the design not only gives excellent protection and reassurance, but also means I am not having to ‘help’ the finger to bend.

No surprise I live the gloves as they are soft, designed well, look great, and I am already a fan, but I have been a little surprised with how much as I opted not to buy this design in the first place.

Manufacturers Product Description

A modern take on the traditional sausage finger construction favoured by professional players globally. Replacing original cotton stuffing filling with advanced Masuri PRO FOAM technology.

The Masuri batting glove range brings protection to areas that have never been protected before safeguarding you against the balls you can’t plan for!

Responding to the incredible amount of injuries that occur to a player’s fingers, hand and wrist, we have developed the batting glove to include new and innovative features developed by players for players.


Pro Foam A combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different foam combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact areas.

Meta Shield Reinforced PRO FOAM providing targeted and increased protection of the metacarpal knuckle. Integrated within the glove (over the index finger of the bottom hand and little finger in the top hand) without impeding grip.

Wrist Bar Reinforced PRO FOAM that protects both the radius and ulna bones in the wrist. Integrated into the existing wrist band of the glove ensuring that playing style is unaffected.

Pro Foam A combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different foam combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact

 • Strong, durable and breathable sheepskin palm offering incredible grip and feel on the bat.

• Breathable, double-sided elasticated wrist band offering comfortable and ergonomic fit to the player.

• Designed by Masuri, THE cricket protection specialists and experts in impact absorbing technology.

MRP £105, although you can pick them up on eBay for £66

All the usual features of Masuri but a more pronounced curvature.
Compared to the ‘original’ ones so you can see the difference in structure.
You can see the curvature of the little finger.

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