Product Review: Payntr Bodyline 263 All-Rounder Spike

Didn’t take long! In my defence they are replacing a pair of Gray-Nicolls Cricket Shoes which unfortunately didn’t exactly last very long. I returned them and put the refund towards these beauties.

Hopefully, and I genuienly mean this, they will be my last purchase for a long time now. Well apart from any new club kit that is required depending on my White Ball aspirations and who I play for next year.

My Review

My previous experience with Payntr Cricket Shoes is they are straight out of the box comfortable so I was expecting nothing less, although these are a different design and structure to what I am calling my T20 Cricket Shoes.

The others pairs are a more ‘all in one’ design so I think less prone to the cracking and splitting which effected the Gray-Nicolls (and I should say a pair of Under Armour Walking Boots), so I remain a little cautious as to how these will fair but the structure seems solid and the design better.

I was going to wear these with an inner sole as I have the other pairs, but the internal toe padding (which is a great idea) forces the toes up too much when coupled with the inner sole, and the low cut of the heel made it feel like I was walking out of them. Plan B is what I already do: a sports sock with a thin cycling sock as well and that seems to be working just fine – will know more when I actually get to use them!

I am not so sure I like the black spikes, but the main issue with them is that are a little short so hard to grip when you are putting them in, and I would have thought given the price of the shoes they would have sent a few spare spikes!

Lovely looking shoe Not totally convinced by the black spikes and they were awkward to fit as hard to grip.
Of course they have NHS laces! They also look huge but they have an interesting internal toe padding which holds your feet in place and means an 11 is fine for my regular 10.5 although I do wear a thinner sock as well as my sports sock.
I like the 263 on the back!
Fair play to Gray-Nicolls who refunded enabling the purchase of these!

Manufacturers Product Description

A shoe designed to give the complete all-rounder the ultimate performance.

  • All-Rounder upper made from Micro Fibre PU (Polyurethane) for maximum strength and durability with mesh for breathability and reducing weight.
  • Topline collar cut low for increased agility.
  • Hardened TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) heel cup to hold foot in place for extra support.
  • Lightweight EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam midsole for cushioning with TPU stability plate under foot arch.
  • A re-enforced 7/4 spike formation outsole plate with 2mm high TPU lugs across the centre of the outsole reducing force through the foot while landing, with 5mm lugs around perimeter of the outsole enhance grip and traction in delivery stride.
  • Re-enforced toe box with rubber bumper to protect from dragging.
  • Internal toe box 5mm foam padding to reduce pressure on toes during impact.
  • Ultra lightweight honeycomb insole for comfort, keeping weight to a minimum.
  • Increased heel and neckline padding for comfort and support with moisture wicking lining to keep cool and dry in all conditions.

MRP: £99.99

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