Product Review: Williamson Boucher Classic Batting Pads

Having written before about the Williamson Boucher Classic Bundle, how much I liked the look of the brand, and what I great idea I thought the bundle concept was, I was delighted when Williamson Boucher sent me a bundle to review and to support my NHS project as I return to the pitch aged 57 and after a 33 year break from the game.

I am going to review each item separately as I have covered the bundle elsewhere.

At Willamson Boucher Cricket we endeavour to create the perfect personal cricket bat made to your own specification. Thus allowing batters to perform to the best of their ability. Each bat is hand crafted from the finest selection of English Willow to the shape, weight and grade of your choice.

Personal and very friendly company, and yes I know the quote references their bat but you will see below that their approach is the same for all their products!

Williamson Boucher Classic Batting Pads

My Review

Fair to say that Williamson Boucher is not as well known a brand as either Gray-Nicolls or Masuri so direct comparisons are unfair, but at the same time inevitable!

Price wise these pads are around £20 cheaper than both the Gray-Nicolls Classic Prestige and Masuri T Line, but I don’t think they are that much different.

First, they look great close up. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the simplicity of the logo, the use of silver for the cross, and the understated use of the name on the knee roll are all so classy. And class is what you will feel when you pick up the pads: they feel great – light as you would expect of a modern pad, reassuringly protective and when you strap them on extremely comfortable, and I really like the way the straps are designed.

Second, they more than hold their own protection wise when batting.

Third, you should not be surprised as despite their very ‘English’ branding – I just see Medieval Knights jousting when I look at the brand – they are made in India, as is so much cricket equipment these days.

I doubt you will be disappointed with these pads. They are definitely ‘pro’ level, if not elite, but a good club level price, so most definitely value for money for the serious/competent player. At 6ft 4ins most pads are a little on the short side for me, but these actually fit better than others that I have tried, and to be honest I have tried the extra long pads and they don’t really make a huge difference so I wouldn’t worry if I was you.

Cricket equipment is a strange concept really: pre purchase you are totally focussed on the equipment, post purchase you don’t want to think about them, you just want them to do their job, be comfortable, not distract you in any way and these pads most certainly do that and I highly recommend them.

You will be supporting a local English business run by people that love, and play, cricket, and no surprise that the pads are understated, not at all flashy and let their quality do they talking as they are based in Yorkshire!

Manufacturers Product Description


International match ace proforma, exquisite modern styling with traditional casing.


Artistically designed high-density anti-rebound plastazote foam shell with detailed styling, premium quality wipe clean airlite PU, eliminates conventional craftsmanship.


High-density plastazote foam fully infused, top hat polyethene padded curvature to wrap around the lower thigh, Airlight fabric constructed foam filled knee bolster, air mesh design foam filled padded shin bolster with a shield at the back, polyethene protected back for unmatched comfort, fibre cup knee.

A very good looking pad
I love the simplicity of the branding and note the ‘pro’ bottom with the extra protection
The simplicity of the brand continues and a well padded knee
Excellent level of padding and nice touch with the straps
Classy and like all good modern pads the knee roll is secured with velcro so can be adjusted to suit you.

MRP: £79.99 Donated to Charity

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