Quick Trip To The UK

I am off to the UK tomorrow for a meeting. I will be catching the 1015 flight out of Almeria that gets into Gatwick at 1200. I have a meeting in the Sofitel hotel, and will stay there over night before catching the 0555 flight back, which gets me into Almeria at 0925.

I wont really have too much time to spare but if you are on either of the flights, staying at the Sofitel, or around Gatwick then maybe we will bump into each other and be able to grab a coffee or something.

18 hours in the UK is just about enough in my book!!!!

4 thoughts on “Quick Trip To The UK

  1. James Burland

    Spend a couple of weeks on the south coast during April or May and you’ll soon change your mind about the UK.

    Have a safe trip. ^_^/

  2. jeremy

    with the summer we’re having 18 hours will be long enough to get a good soaking!!

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    Back home. Didn’t even get to look out of a window to see if it was raining!!!!! Need to get down the marina and get some fresh air this afternoon

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