Ready Set Do 1.2

I reviewed Ready Set Do in May and really liked it so it was good to hear from the Developer that 1.2 has just been uploaded to their site.

The main new feature in this 1.2 version is the productivity reports it generates. Now users can track their progress as they learn how to master the GTD habits and get more done. One report gives them a log of all of their completed tasks. Another scores them on various things like the record number of items they’ve processed out of their Inbox in one sitting, the percentage of projects they’ve clarified, the average number of weekly reviews they complete per month, their most productive hour and day of the week, and more. And to top it all off, it even adds a little fun to it all by assigning the user a productivity “belt level”. There are 10 belts users can earn, starting with the White Belt and ending with the 3rd Degree Black Belt level of productivity. Users earn their belt and can read a description telling them about the level of stress-free productivity they are currently operating at and instructions on how they can advance to the next belt level.

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