I am not sure if I am worried, should be worried, or couldn’t care less, but I am showing more and more signs of being a recluse these days! Give or take a few hours I have been back from Dubai for a week now and with the exception of going down into the basement garage to put the Fat Boy on charge (and not to take it off charge yet!) I have not been out of the front door. As we don’t have a back door that means that I have not been out of the apartment other than up on the roof with moreno and out on the balcony.

To be fair I have had a pretty bad cold most of the week so I have not been out running, so that is pretty abnormal for me – I tend to get out running or on the mountain bike most days, and it is certainly my intention to keep on doing that, starting today actually as I am going for a bike ride once I have posted this.

It gets worse …………..

  • I have not sent or received a text message
  • I have not made or received a phone call, either mobile or landline
  • I have worn the same jogging pants and thick fleece all week
  • I have not shaved, trimmed my beard or hair

I have talked to people on Skype and iChat, and my emails and IM activity levels have been as high as ever.

I have actually got no real inclination to change at the moment, but I know a few things are coming up that will ‘make me’ leave the apartment; I need to go and watch the rugby to take some photographs and a video for Almerimar Life this afternoon, I need to go and sort out a wirless signal strength issue as part of a IT contract I have, but that is about it.

Not good really for someone that wants to get more heavily into photography, unless I specialise on photographs of Moreno and landscapes of the marina taken from the balcony!

The truth is I am really happy ‘pottering’ around the apartment and playing with Moreno when I am not at the Mac, and I am one of the least social people you could imagine meeting (or not as is most likely the case). I am the exact opposite to Sands – she goes mad if she doesn’t get out and about every day, and will happily endure dull company in order to get out (maybe just away from me thinking about it), whereas I will only leave the apartment if it is something or someone that I really want to see or do, or if there is no way out of it.

With all the contracts and stuff I am not exactly going to be bored staying in, but I MUST make more effort to get out and about with the camera and camcorder

26 thoughts on “Recluse

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    That is one way of looking at it!

    This morning I have chatted and worked via iChat with Tom in the UK. I had an iChat with Danny in the UK. I had a quick iChat with an editor in the US and a blogger in New Zealand.

    I chatted with my niece in the UK on MSN and Facebook, and at the same time I earnt money posting artcicles for one of my contracts.

    I am just about to record over Skype with Tim – and then I will go out and watch the rugby and see what real people are like!!!!

  2. Mac Sokulski

    The nice thing with “virtuals” is you can easily pull the plug, and then make an excuse that the internet went down. Can’t do to real one, that are boring you with pointless conversations 🙂
    Other than that….. what can I say…. you are getting old? 🙂

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    Old – that word is cropping up a lot at the moment 🙂 I think there is a lot of truth in that to be honest. I am lucky that I interact with young people all the time, but the fact is they do make me feel older these days!!!!

  4. Wayne LeFevre

    Better watch out, it’s starting to sound like my life! To be honest, I have the luxury of logging off for awhile just to recharge. Sometimes it can be tiring trying to keep up with the computer and gadget world. 🙂

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    I am trying to find more time to ‘switch off’ from the online world. Is a tough addiction to kick though, not helped by the fact that all my income comes through online activities, and the blog etc.

  6. Dunks

    I don’t have the problem of lacking real human interaction working in the school but do worry that I spend so much time at a computer! Much as I love my mac, I have a beautiful sea kayak hanging in the roof of the garage which is being sorely neglected.

  7. Danny

    @Dunks – where you been!?
    Its all that real human interaction thats keeping you away from us needy virtual pals :p

  8. Dunks

    @Danny – coursework marking! Plus been having issues with twitterific on Leopard, saw they have a new version 3.0 but that it’s shareware so not made the jump yet.

  9. Danny

    @Dunks – its free if you want it to be, you just have to look at some damn beautiful ads that are actually quite cool

    I feel free to say this here, you might want to check a certain mac giveaway site tomorrow (hint: it involves missions) as you may be able to grab a free copy of BitClamp as well as a hefty discount.

  10. Chris Marshall Post author

    [quote comment=”21605″]I don’t have the problem of lacking real human interaction working in the school [/quote]

    Debatable point I think 🙂 I am not convinced shool kids are actually human!!!!!

    Twitteriffice 3.0 is just fine, the ads aren’t instrusive, and just add a bit of colour every hour.

  11. Wayne LeFevre

    Actually, the only color I get in Twitteriffic is the big yellow warning sign saying that the connection is down!

  12. Danny

    I still do. I keep getting a 404 error crop up which is a worrying error to get!

  13. Danny

    twitterific. It says there is a server issue with twitter every now and again reporting a 404 error.

  14. Dunks

    [quote comment=”21686″] I am not convinced shool kids are actually human!!!!![/quote]

    You are not wrong there – major battle today with GCSE students who don’t see anything wrong with playing online games when they are weeks behind on major coursework. Left me feeling ‘whats the point’. Thankfully teaching web design to keen 11 yr olds in the next lesson made up for it!

  15. Chris Marshall Post author

    Both my parents where teachers. I could never have done it!!! If people can’t be bothered to help themselves I tend to take the view that is their choice and move on to the people that do want to try.

    In your situtaion I would be playing online games with the GCSE kids but the 11 year olds would have some kick ass blogs going by now …….

    Hmmm – you thought of setting up a class blog for them?

  16. Danny

    Ah, Chris’ solution to everything: Start a blog about it 😉
    I don’t think the kids would go for this one, it would be fun for the first 5 minutes then it would be Dunks doing all the work.
    Where abouts do you teach Dunks?

  17. Chris Marshall Post author

    🙂 I reckon the 11 year olds could be ‘made’ to really get into a class bog:

    – birthdays
    – school news
    – games

    Could actually be really good!!!!!

  18. Wayne LeFevre

    Last couple of days I’ve had a bit of an excuse, though. We started getting snow yesterday morning and it’s just let up. Huge amounts. Been shoveling all day yesterday. Even worse, speaking of kids, they where out of school yesterday! It’s just not fair! 🙂

    I also get to go into the hospital on Thursday to have tests done, and won’t be home until Friday. I guess I’ll get rest then… 😉

  19. jeremy

    But for the imperative of earning a living, there is a lot to be said for slobbing about for a while. The jogging pants/fleece combo is the pinnacle!

  20. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well the last two Sundays I have been out for a couple of hours to watch the rugby, and yesterday I went to get some food for Mori, but apart from running I am not going out at all 🙂

  21. jeremy

    The only slightly worrying thing is that isolating oneself can be a symptom of depression. Hopefully not in your case.

  22. Chris Marshall Post author

    I can see that – but I am fine. How can you be depressed when you are doing exactly what you want to do? I am more inclined to depression if I have to go out a lot and be with people that I don’t want to be with, doing things I don’t want to do.

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