Recommencing Training

Following on from the Now the 20km run is completed post today is the day that I start the two month fitness drive. Well that was the plan but as you will see it is going to be three months at least!

Lets start with the weight part of the equation. Despite all the running I have actually put on 9lbs in the last 6 weeks! I reckon that muscle mass will contribute towards that a little, but the reality is that while I was running I did very little else exercise or activity wise and I ate a lot more than normal. The end result is that I currently weigh 215lbs, which at 6ft 4″ gives me a Body Mass Index (BMI) or 26.2. Which means that I am overweight:

  • Underweight = < 18.5
  • Normal Weight = 18.5 – 24.9
  • Overweight = 25 – 29.9
  • Obesity = 30 and upwards

The BMI is simply a measure of body fat based on height and weight. To get to the top of the Normal Weight category I need to be 204lbs i.e. 11lbs less than I am now, and roughly what I was 6 weeks ago.

I must admit that I am somewhat surprised that I have put on so much weight as it certainly doesn’t look or feel like I have. People still tend to say that I am looking slimmer, and my clothes etc all seem looser, but it will do no good to be in denial over this. I should lose some weight and although the BMI doesn’t really take into account things like natural body shape (big bones etc) it is a recognisable measure and one that I am happy to go along with.

So the first task has to be to get to 204lbs which I think has to be the objective for the end of the year. As that will only just take me into the normal weight category I should really aim for 195lbs as that is just above the middle of the normal weight category and will give me some space to gain and lose a bit in a normal month.

So a total of 20lbs to lose, in three months. I always start the year off giving up alcohol for a month and having a concentrated fitness month, so that isn’t going to be changing next year!!

Whatever you read, the end result is that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. Diet is a really provocative word as whatever you eat that is your diet. My basic diet is good, lots of fruit, vegetables, water, salad etc. I eat too much bread, nuts and cheese and that will have to change. I don’t drink regularly but when I do drink then I tend to ‘go for it’ so abstinence is always an effective way of getting rid of a few lbs.

I will have a few beers in the UK and if I go to Dubai, and I will enjoy Christmas and the New Year, but other than that I am going ‘on the wagon’ until the end of January at least, and longer if I haven’t got down to 195lbs by then.

So for now it is no treats, no snacking between meals, lots of exercise and finding ways to keep busy – so maybe a good time to catch up on all the movies we have stored up!!!

I will keep you all updated on progress, and if you fancy join me we can find a way to motivate and support each other. Maybe you can leave a shout with your own BMI ……….

8 thoughts on “Recommencing Training

  1. Gary

    Sounds like it would be a lot easier just to get taller and “fix” the BMI ratio that way… Can’t you borrow some of Sands’ high heels? 😆

  2. Gary

    I guess the important question is – does she know about this? 🙂

    But seriously though… Since you asked, I’ve just gone and weighed myself for the first time in ages and that has led to a BMI of 24.2 – phew! Not too bad considering my pretty low levels of exercise!

    Mine is a digital scale that, as well as measuring my weight also measures my body fat percentage. It’s probably about six years old now, but this is probably the nearest current equivalent. (Mine is slightly less sophisticated.)

    It was with some trepidation that I set it up to measure my body fat percentage – it was years ago that I last used it for this function. (I had to dig out the docs to remind myself how to set it up!) On the few occasions that I have stood on it over the years, I’ve just used it for simple weight measurement. Lo and behold, I have approximately 18% body fat percentage. For my age, this falls into the healthy range. Must be because I have to walk around holding my stomach in most of the time… 😳 At least it ties in with the BMI assessment.

  3. Adam Ramshaw

    I need to make sure I begin to start exercising more. The main problem is simply finding the time, about 6 months ago I managed to lose around 2 and a 1/2 stone (not sure how to make that lb). Exercise and some more healthy eating will get me in to that 18.5 to 24.9 range.

    Good Luck in your mission Chris 🙂

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