Refurbished TON Cricket Bat

This original TON bat was being sold because it was too heavy for the owner and at 2lb 13oz it is a chunky bat for sure, but with a great pick up and a mid to high sweet spot.

It was in good condition so I have really just tidied it up, sanded it down and added good quality scuff sheet, edge tape, grips (2) and new stickers.

No idea why anyone would put so much bat tape on a bat rather than a scuff sheet and was sightly concerned it was going to be masking some damage.
Original Sticker
High middle and thick edge
Bat was in good condition
Just the one small surface crack which was filled and sanded down
Lovely stick!
Cleaned up well
New grip, new stickers, new scuff sheet and edge tape and some tape across the bottom just to hold the scuff sheet in place.
A good looking bat
Big edge and middle
Manufacturers sticker

Weight: 2lb 13oz

Price: £145 Sold

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