Refurbished TON Cricket Bat

A genuine refurbished TON bat with one new grip (a second can be added if required), a new scuff sheet and edge tape and new stickers. The bat has been refurbished, oiled and knocked in.

There is no damage to the bat. The toe has a few normal signs of use but nothing that needed repairing.

At 2.8lb it is surprising light for such a meaty looking bat and it has a very light pick up. Sounds great as you would expect but as it has been refurbished I would suggest a couple of gentle net sessions with an older ball before using in anger.

A lovely looking bat with just the one grip on (can add a second if required). Has been refurbished. No damage to repair. New Scuff Sheet and Edge Tape added and knocked in – sounds lovely. Very light pick up.
Great grains. I always put at tape across the bottom of the bat to help stop the scuff sheet fraying and because any used bat will have a few signs of wear and tear across the toe.
Some serious girth a mid to high sweet spot
Rear of bat

Weight: 2.8lb

Price: £145 SOLD

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