Remembering Saidi (RIP)

It is a year ago that we said goodbye to Saidi. Moerno’s mum she was part of our life for twelve years, having spent at least three years living on the streets in Spain, and she has left a huge hole in our lives, along with some great memories and immense joy that she enriched our lives for so long.

It was all very quick at the end: she woke up as normal, had her breakfast, had a kip, then woke up had a stroke and within 30 mins she was at the vets and we were saying goodbye. A shock for sure, but no surprise as he had been frail for some time and we were just delighted that she had over a year with us here in the UK and the sun shone for her last months with us as she certainly loved the sunshine!

With Orla, Sophie and Teo I was angry that they died so young and after so little time with us. With Saidi I remain sad and miss her, but I am happy for her that she did not suffer and that she had such a long and happy life with us. I thought we might have a year or more with her as she was still enjoying life and moving around, but she was frail, we were not 100% how old she was (at least 15, probably older).

Every day I expect to see her on the dog bed in the bedroom and hear her excited meow as she jumped up on the bed for a fuss, so everyday I miss her, but at the same time smile at the memories.

Losing her was horrible, but having her in our lives for so long was priceless.

Never forgotten, forever loved thanks for the memories sweetheart xx

Days after she came to live with us. Recovering from her sterilisation. A beautiful lady!
She absolutely adored the sun and the gravel pit on the roof was her favourite place for years!
Christmas will never be the same without our little helper.
Days before she died she was still doing what she loved the most, enjoying the sunshine!

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