Remembering Teo (RIP)

It is five (5) years today that we said goodbye to Teo. I miss him every day and can not overstate how much I loved the big guy and how proud of him I am with the way he lived his life, looked after Tigra, integrated Tito and handled his illness with so much dignity.

Truth be told I remain angry that we had him for such a short time, but the reality is I am grateful for every day we had with him.

At the vets an hour after we caught him. From the very beginning he was no trouble and it felt like he knew he had found his home with people that loved him, and everyone that met him did love him.
He was so goofy and full of fun.
One of his last walks on the beach with Tigra and Tito. I love the way he is looking over the and even now when we walk Tito and Tigra I see Tito behind them keeping a very proud eye on them!
Our last photo of the big fella. His last night with us where he was at his mist comfortable. On our bed with Tigra and Tito waiting for me to get in and have a snuggle.

RIP big guy. every sTEp On every day my friend!

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