Removing Scuff Sheet From Cricket Bat

I am not a fan of a scuff sheet on a cricket bat, although I see their value especially when first knocking a bat in, and/or if you play against poor quality i.e. hard cricket balls.

I have knocked my Williamson Boucher bats in well, used them in games for a while now, and we tend to play with new or nearly new reasonable quality balls.

As I wanted to replace one bats damaged stickers the time was right to take the plunge.

Was more than a little nervous but Gary said to heat the scuff sheet first with a hairdryer and to always peel across the grain NOT along the grain.

As you can see worked a treat and was really pretty easy.

I am not a fan of scuff sheets. I get they are useful but I prefer to look and feel of the natural wood. I was a little apprehensive that I would damage the bat but Gary at Williamson Boucher said to heat the scuff sheet before pealing across the grain NOT up the grain. Worked a treat and was actually really easy.

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