RIP Saidi

It is two (2) years since we said goodbye to our special Queen Saidi, and not a day has passed that I haven’t walked into the bedroom expecting to her little meow followed by a jump onto the bed for a fuss.

She was such a character and has left us with so many wonderful memories. She has a superb life and made our lives so much better.

RIP sweetheart you will always be Queen of this family.

Without doubt her favourite position. Such a beautiful lady
Her first day with us post sterilisation.
She loved the gravel on the roof in Spain, and would come in grey all over!
She missed out on her childhood but she had a playful side that would come out every now and again
Spent hours on my knee. As soon as I got out of the bath she would be on the bed waiting and would sit on the towel for hours purring away.
Old and frail towards the end but not ill, she had a lovely last few months enjoying the sunshine and as we were in lockdown we got to send even more time with her. The stroke took her suddenly so she didn’t suffer at all, and she was purring in my arms right up until the vet put her to sleep. RIP

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