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Thanks to Don McAllister from ScreenCasts Online for pointing me in the direction of Screen Flow, the $99 ‘Professional Screencasting Studio’.

I have a requirement to show a web site that I designed in an environment where there will be no Internet access, and the site was built running a server side script and so won’t play on a computer normally.

Solution was fairly simple, create a screencast style video of the site, a walk through tour, that could be shown (on both a Mac and a PC) i.e. Quicktime format.

Screen Flow is really easy to use. Before each recording you select which screen to capture from (if you have dual screens it gives you both to select from), how you want to capture your audio (iSight, external Mic etc), and if you want to capture audio from the computer and video through the iSight. That covers pretty much every option I could think of!

Using a unique new screen capture system, powerful enough to capture the contents of your entire desktop at the same time as your video camera, microphone and computer’s audio, you’ll be creating incredible screencasts in no time.

Once you have selected the display to capture from, and got the application(s) all lined up, start recording and you get a countdown to ‘go live’ time, and that is it. Record your video, and then stop recording. Even I managed that one.

The main reason that Don suggested Screen Flow was that it has an inbuilt editor, and while the video I needed to create didn’t require much editing, what I had to do I was able to do really easily. My next project though will be a little more complicated, but I have every confidence in Screen Flow.

Exporting the finished ‘cast’ to QuickTime format took a while, but no longer than any other application to be fair.

All in all a very easy to use and efficient application.

Product Features

The Best Capture: ScreenFlow has the best screen capture available. Using a custom multithreaded SSE & Altivec accelerated, 64-bit enabled compression system, ScreenFlow can handle everything from capturing DVD video & audio to fast moving Keynote presentations.

Record Everything: You don’t need to pick an area of the screen for capture, ScreenFlow has advanced algorithms that only encode areas of change on your screen. The application is powerful enough to simultaneously record from your iSight or DV camera at the same time as your screen (and your microphone and computer’s audio!).

Highlight: During your screen capture, ScreenFlow tracks where your mouse cursor is, when you click and when you press a key. This allows you to add mouse click effects (both visual and audible), an overlay showing your key strokes and even lets you zoom the mouse pointer up & down.

Edit: Once your screen capture is complete, you’re transported to the ScreenFlow editor. Using a familiar timeline interface, ScreenFlow lets you easily add zoom & pan effects, trim clips, add drop shadow & reflection, adjust audio levels etc. You can even combine existing media into your screencast.

Callout: Callouts let you highlight & focus in on the mouse or frontmost window. Want to circle the area around the mouse? What took an experienced user minutes or hours in Final Cut Pro or After Effects is now a couple of clicks away.

Motion: ScreenFlow introduces actions to the editing interface. These make it very quick & easy to modify parameters of your screencast over time. For example, adding a video action lets you put zoom & pan effects on your clips, while the audio action lets you adjust volume at different points in your screencast.

Export Quality: When resizing high resolution screen content into a QuickTime movie, ScreenFlow uses custom GPU algorithms to give your finished movie the best possible quality. You’ll find even small text suddenly becomes legible for your viewers.

Leopard Only: ScreenFlow was built for Mac OS X Leopard. It makes extensive use of the best of Mac OS X technologies: Core Animation, QuickLook, Spotlight, QTKit, Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Core Image, Automator, Core Data and many others..

10 thoughts on “Screen Flow

  1. Gary

    That sounds quite slick.

    I needed to use something like that at work earlier this year, though my requirements were much simpler (monitor a progress window while a file copied). I found that the free Jing Project utility satisfied my needs. I don’t recall if it has audio options. As far as I can remember, it certainly doesn’t have editing capabilities.

    At least you would have been able to charge your purchase costs against the project you were demonstrating. I wouldn’t have had a whelk’s chance in a supernova of getting any budget to spend! 🙂

  2. Gary

    I’ve now taken a look at a couple of the example screencasts at their Web site (down the right-hand column) and I must say I’m very impressed with the sort of things it can do!

    Is this what Apple use for the screen sections of their Apple Theatre videos? It looks as if it might be…

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  4. Oliver

    I really want to get this but i live in the uk but on the website the price is only in dolloars but can I still buy it??? please reply

  5. Patrick

    Screenflow Rocks. I am not the graphic artist by any means. I had my first screen cast up in minutes. Price verses quality I would give screenFlow a 11 out of 10 (if that were possible). You will not be disappointed.

  6. Zoltan

    I was trying to choose between Camtasia and Screenflow. Seems like there are pluses and minuses with both though generally Camtasia handles sound capture better and screenflow video. Real decider seems to be price. Likely I will save myself a $200 and plump for Screenflow…

  7. Celine

    I think there’s a lot more to that than being the kind of
    experience it brags. I have been given the opportunity to use it once and I’m
    looking forward on using it again.


  8. Pierce Boylin

    This software seems so much better than what I’m using now. I’ve used Camtasia studio for a while now, and haven’t been happy with some of the functionality. But I wouldn’t mind trying this little piece of software out! Thanks for the review!

    Pierce from

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