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There are certain aspects of computing that I just don’t “get”. Text editing is one as I rarely have any need to use it, and now I have a second one – unlimited clipboards!

Over at the wackily named stupidFish programming you will find a revolutionary application called shadowClipboard. vanila_clip_3.jpg

Ok, they actually call it an evolution: “The evolution of the clipboard is here. For years the clipboard has been an integral part of the Mac OS, but now shadowClipboard 3 redefines its functionality and takes the clipboard to the next level. With unlimited clipboard sets, clipboard sharing, clipboard filtering and clipboard set backups, suddenly there’s so much more you can do with your clipboard.” For me thought it truly was a revolution. I have spent hours just messing about, sorry in-depth testing this application, and whilst I can’t say that I will use it a lot in the future, I have been really impressed with how much it can do, and how (relatively) easy it is to use, “shadowClipboard needs absolutely no configuration to run, but it has plenty of user customizable features to offer”. I spent most of my time


So if it isn’t for a somewhat “lightweight” user like me who will use it? “It’s the perfect solution for anyone who does lots of copying and pasting – developers who work with lots of code, image editing professionals with tons of images and the occasional home user.” Phew – it isn’t just me that thinks it is a little over the top for the home user then.

What was most amazing for me? The amount of clipboard applications that are around for the Mac

Don’t take my word for it though, the feedback on their site is very positive, and they explain what it can do far better than I could. In summary though, this is what they say:

* keep and browse images, text, files and anything else you have copied to the pasteboard in the past

* preview your stored clipboards

* easily access all past copied items through the status item or fully customizable key-combos

* use the Append Copy feature to append copied items to the pasteboard’s contents, rather than replacing it

* filter pasteboard types, allowing you to skip images or text to reduce memory and disk usage

* use the great sheet mode or switch to window mode if you prefer to move the window around

* share your clipboards with other shadowClipboard users on your local network or between users of the same Mac

* paste text as-is or as plain, unformated text

* manage your clipboards in clipboard sets

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