Silence is Golden

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” was a favourite saying of my Grandmother. Imagine how quiet the world would be if people followed her advice, especially on the various social media platforms.

I am not a great talker – honest!! More accurately I am not a fan of chit chat and certainly of repeated chit chat so I do find the changing room and shared car journeys a bit of a challenge at times. I have spent far too long in the car recently as by glutes really do suffer, but a couple of long journeys on my own have given me the chance to decompress, although I did try listening to Test Match Special once and had to turn it off because of all the talking!!! Don’t get me wrong, overall what they had to say about the cricket was pretty good, but it was just non stop talking about all kinds of other stuff, which just held no interest for me.

Sky are no better: the actual analysis spot on BUT delivered it seems with more than one eye on job protection and not offending their mates, but again the amount of endless drivel that many come out with combined with the pointlessness of virtually every interview as players just give the team PR statements another aring means that I tend to watch the cricket in silence on TV and don’t bother with the radio.

Church Eaton v Caverswall

Was scheduled to play for Church Eaton 2s at home, but that was called off early because of the rain, but got a message on Saturday morning saying the 1s were short and their game at Caverswall might go ahead, and would I mind going up. As Caverswall is where I played my junior cricket in the late 70s and early 80s and I had not been back since I was more than happy to agree, and although we watched the rain, went through the motion of a toss and our openers actually got their whites on, we never looked like starting and indeed we didn’t. Was great to see the old ground again though and hopefully will get a chance to play there in the future.

Save Village Cricket v Metronomes

Spent the week expecting to get the call that this game was off, and debating if it would be worth the drive for a on/off day, but in the end it was a great day weather, cricket and company wise. Very relaxed rules (they had 13, we declared as captain saw fit as was a timed game) but a pleasing 27 off 26 balls before declaring and a steady 6 overs for not many kept the old body busy. Didn’t have too much to do in the field which was good as the hips/thighs/hamstrings and knees are all struggling a little more than usual at the moment.

Birmingham Unicorns Coaching

Starting to work on some specifics with individuals as well as general skills for everyone and more focus on understanding the game as many have not played before.

Really enjoying these sessions (apart from the M6) and we are talking about expanding the role over the winter and into next season.

Staffordshire v Worcestershire

Made my debut as captain of a combined 60s team in a friendly. We were awful!! Bowled and fielded pretty well to be fair, and given that my priority was to give some players that don’t get to play much a good game we did well to hold them to just over 200, although they did retire a couple on 50.

Batting wise we were horrible. Of the 3 players that play in the 1s ‘we got a combined score of 4, which were 4 singles I managed before being caught on the boundary, batting at 6 with 170 needed off 20 overs!!!

Warwickshire v Middlesex

Edgbaston for lunch and a couple of hours with my parents. Warwickshire had emulated our Tuesday and collapsed (twice) so a very slow day and rain stopped play early. Reality is these days are about getting Mum out and give Dad a bit of a break, with the only Dad really watching the cricket.

It works well and we do need to try and do more.

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