Something Cool From Microsoft?

Skimming through the RSS feeds earlier I came across this from Microsoft – the Surface.

The full article with pictures is over on the Daily Telegraph site so take a minute and pop over for a read.

And ….. tell me what you think!

For someone that ‘talks’ a lot with their hands and likes a ‘tactile’ experience when creating or brainstorming I have to say this looks really cool and useful. Now before you think I am losing any credibility I may have gained by switching to Macs, although this is a Microsoft product it was developed by the XBox team so I would assume that isn’t a sin in the Mac world?

For those of you that haven’t headed over to the link yet here is a little taster:

It does not need a mouse to operate it, and unlike traditional touch-screens, can recognise more than one finger at a time, allowing small groups to gather around and use it simultaneously.

It also recognises and can interact with objects placed on its screen.

For example, when customers at a restaurant put down their glasses, a computer in the table will be able to tailor food recommendations to the choice of drinks, and display pictures linking wines or beers with the vineyards and breweries that produced them.

Diners can order their next course, or split the bill with a touch of the finger and, when a refill is required, Surface could even alert the waiter.

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