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The SportCommand for iPod at $79.99 from Belkin is a great product, but I was a little shocked at the price.

What does it do? “The Belkin SportCommand for iPod lets you wirelessly control your music while your iPod stays protected. Strap the fabric remote to your arm, store your iPod in your backpack or jacket, and then listen to all your jams while you snowboard or bike. With its weather-resistant durability, the SportCommand is perfect for outdoor activities, such as snowboarding, mountain, biking, and hiking.”

Sounds great – but I don’t snowboard, I am not a mountain (I actually have no idea what they mean by an outdoor activity been a mountain, but I am going to assume they mean mountain climbing). I do bike, but to be honest I have always got by with the iPod stuffed into some belt or armband, and unless staggering from one bar to another qualifies as hiking then I technically have no need for this product.

That is a shame as it is very clever and well constructed. Basically you connect the remote receiver into the bottom of your iPod (any model except a shuffle and some of the older iPods) and then you can control it from the robust “panel” that either Velcro’s onto the armband, or snaps onto the belt ring. The controls are large enough and easy enough to control even with the largest gloves on. Well almost, my wife struggles to use it during her kick boxing class. She was also disappointed when she realized that it wouldn’t work with her Nano and Nike + sports kit, but that wasn’t a concern to me.

So do I use it – yes, you bet I do. How? On my Harley! I can Velcro the control pad onto the console in front of me, tuck my iPod deep inside the winter jacket and control it even with the thickest winter riding gloves on – truly excellent!

2 thoughts on “SportCommand for iPod

  1. The Bishop

    Exactly the same reason I am getting one.

    Strapping it to my Ducati Monster and swapping tracks.

    Ordered today for £22.50 from Ebay brand new, which is a bargain.

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