StreetParty Size 0


Super-slim portable stereo speaker for iPod

What To Expect

The StreetParty Size 0 £49.99 is designed for ultimate portability and superb sound. At only 16mm thick and weighing just 300g, the StreetParty Size 0 is extremely lightweight, includes a stylish carry case and can be powered by battery – perfect for your travels. This portability is combined with exceptional audio performance from its 4 drivers, each with low resonance enhancement for superb bass tones. With its cleverly designed adjustable dock, the speaker system fits both iPod nano and Video snugly and is also compatible with other music players via its line in port. The perfect excuse to get travelling!

What I Found

First off that it was easy to set up. Actually that’s not exactly true – I noticed that it was easy to set up because as soon as I started to open it Sands went something like “Cool, thanks, just what I have been after for the kitchen!” And that was that. Next thing I knew it was plugged in and her Nano was belting out some song or other while she got lunch ready.

This actually proved a pretty good test in itself as the extractor fan was on which makes a bit of a noise when on full, so the volume had to be cranked up pretty loud and managed very well with no noticeable distortion. This was subsequently tested when I was able to get my hands on it and test it out running off the battery on the roof when it was pretty windy. Again, more than adequate. In all honesty it would struggle to provide the full music system for a party on the roof, but it wasn’t intended for that so it doesn’t lose any marks – but if you are thinking that you might get one for that reason I wouldn’t!

Second comment is that it does work with both the Nano and the iPod with Video. Of course with the recent announcements of the iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch it remains to be seen how they work BUT I would assume that they will be on top of it as I got this release from them yesterday regards their iPod cases:

GEAR4, the leading European audio accessories brand, last night introduced the first five products in their range of accessories for the new generation iPods. These exciting new cases for the new iPod nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch include silicon, hard and combination cases, and some will be available within a week!

Tom Dudderidge, CEO of GEAR4, commented: “As with every Apple launch in recent history, these products put Apple years ahead of the competition. I cannot see a possible future where Apple doesn’t dominate this category. The best part of the strategy for Apple is that now every heavy iPod user needs at least 2, possibly 3 iPods. We are very excited about the possibilities for iPod accessory makers like GEAR4 and how the new products will revitalise the market for the Christmas season.�

I have inserted that as this has been my first dealing with Gear4 and I have been very impressed with their communication, web site, response rate and last but not least what I would say is a very good product indeed. The packaging was good, the documentation more than adequate, and even the usually crap traveling case that gets thrown in with these type of products was actually pretty good.

This is actually pretty important to me as any traveling I do that incvolves taking the StreetParty with me is as likely to be on a Harley as anything else so the padded sleeve gives some comfort.


The two stand out features for me where the fact that the remote worked (you would be amazed how many similar products I have looked at where all the features on the remote didn’t work) and how slim and compact it was.

It is important to keep things in perspective with a product like this. The sound is good, very good for what you are paying and the size of the device and that is really all that you can ask for. I think they fulfill a couple of very useful needs:

  • It is great for around the house to provide background music, podcasts etc if you want to move it from room to room
  • It adds some good quality background music to outdoor events, more so for small groups.

All in all a very solid product that will be well worth a look if you are looking for something like this and want good value for (not a lot of) money.

The in line option worked fine, but really, these are for your iPod right!!!


  • 16mm thin
  • 2 x tweeters and 2 x low resonance drivers
  • 300g weight
  • Robust design perfect for travel
  • Adjustable iPod dock for a snug fit with iPod nano or iPod with video
  • Neoprene carry case included
  • Remote control included
  • Power from AA batteries or AC adapter (included)
  • Charge your iPod when plugged into the mains
  • Line in for use with other music players
  • USB port for synching with computer


8 thoughts on “StreetParty Size 0

  1. Mac Sokulski

    How many AA batteries does it take and how long would they last? Currently I’ve been playing around with Griffin Journi
    It’ nice and compact, but produces really good sound. A bit more expensive than Gear4 though. I got about 7 hours on a battery charge, which was quite nice. What I really like about Journi, is the case is part of the speaker system.

  2. Mac Sokulski

    I would imagine that when it’s on batteries it does not charge the iPod? Still 10 hours is usually how much you can get from an iPod anyway. Not too shabby.

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    No it doesn’t. I tried with my iPhone (an original one i.e. not 3G) and it comes up with a message on the iPhone saying that it doesn’t work.

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