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What is the deal with Notes on the iPhone and the new Mail App?

Yesterday I added a note for the first time to the iPhone and this morning I added my first note to the Mail App. The Mail App is now showing all my email accounts as Notes, although no information in each note, and having synced the iPhone the note from the iPhone isn’t showing in the Mail App and Mail App notes aren’t on the iPhone. Is this usere error, a glitch in Leopard, or just yet another example of a Apple not really getting it right!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Syncing Notes

  1. Mac Sokulski

    The Notes sync did not make to the Leopard. I would imagine that eventually it will arrive, but it is currently broken. Eventually, I hope.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    I read that as well – seems yet another significant gap in my view! Stacks and Spaces are a total waste of time, whereas this would actually be useful!

  3. Blake Brannon

    Man I was really hoping that Apple would fix all the crap with syncing phones to computers. I hate the anomalies I get when syncing my BB to my Mac. What can’t it just work!!!!

  4. Mac Sokulski

    I was actually looking forward to the Notes Sync, and I am disappointed that it is missing. I would not call spaces and stacks a waste of time. It would be nice if stacks were a bit more configurable, but that could be coming. Spaces on the other hand are great. Even working on dual monitor setup, spaces is brilliant in my opinion. Having Photoshop and Lightroom open full screen and the a click of a button switch to web and email and chat. Beautiful. I use spaces everyday, either on my macbook pro, or the mac pro at home.

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    Exactly! It seems to me that Apple have focuused way to much on the fancy stuff rather than the useful stuff, but then again I think that about the iPhone as well 🙂

  6. Mac Sokulski

    It seems like no one can do proper sync, be it apple or ms. There is always Missing/Sync, funny thing is they have a iPhone version now. I found that Missing/Sync was great when doing Palm, or Windows Mobile. I haven’t tried the BB sync yes, as I’m waiting for mine to arrive. The process of synching a mobile to a computer was never simple. Look at the different versions of OS running on the phones these days. You might say that OSX and iPhone should work right off the bat. The problems is the iPhone. Right now all the apps on the iPhone run as root, with almost no security. I think when apple releases the SDK in February, we will see all kinds of changes. Cross my fingers….

  7. Dunks

    Have to agree with the other posts – for me the seamless syncing was what the iPhone was going to be the first to do. So many commentators pre-launch were virtually lusting after the ability to sync perfectly first and every time.

    @Mac: Missing sync with my Blackberry 8800 has been very good – the only glitches seem to happen when trying to access/transfer data on/off the memory card. Always approach the sync with a few nerves but to date no problems. I’m not an every day ‘sync’ guy, more once a week.

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Mac – hope so, but again shouldn’t Apple have figured that out before they launched it with all the hype. I wrote about Style over Substance a long time ago, seems to me it is still relevant!

    @Dunks – I used a BB about 3 years ago when I was working in the US, never had any problems really syncing it with my PC.

  9. Mac Sokulski

    The problem with synching is that you either go the MS way and only allow synching on a windows machine. Active Sync is only for windows. Apple has a tougher time with this one, because it has to synch with windows and macs. Completely different beasts, plus throw vista into the mix and you got never ending headaches. So it’s easier to allow basic sync with calendar and address book, and release a device that will sell like crazy, then fix it overtime.
    People’s mentality is changing… they want everything now. So I can see all coming together soon.

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