Tethering iPhone On Movistar (Spain)

Getting a 3G iPhone running 3.0 to ‘tether’ to a Mac seems to depend very much on the carrier you are with. I posted earlier about a way of tethering on a none jailbroken iPhone. I have just had a look at doing it myself:

As a start point I read this article on 9to5 Mac.

As a result I downloaded this iPhone Tether file. This had the movistar es carrier included so clicked on that:


Three easy steps followed:

  1. Plug in your iPhone, go to iTunes, hold the option key and click on the Check For Updates NB NOT updating phone only the carrier settings doing this
  2. Navigate to user>Library>iTunes>iPhone Carrier Support and double click on the carrier IPCC
  3. On iPhone Settings >General>Network>Internet Tethering and turn that on. Note: you may need to power the iPhone on and off at this stage, I did!

Over to the Mac Book Pro, made sure the iPhone was paired with the MBP and then in the menu nar on the Bluetooth icon, right click, scroll down to the iPhone on the list, and it gives option to Connect To Network. Click on that and the iPhone comes up with a message saying Internet Tethering.

Lovely job!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Tethering iPhone On Movistar (Spain)

  1. Jason

    On the movistar.es site in the tariffs for Data package it mentions that your monthly allowance does not include tethering.
    After the 3.0 update the option is on the iPhone 3G without any additional downloads.
    I have asked Movistar about the rates for this service and they say its new and they dont know and that it may be charged at 1€ per 10 mbs.
    So beware of using it until you know.

    I cant find any rates for it on the Movistar site.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Hmm you see that is what you get when you go looking for answers 🙂

    The whole question is how would they know? Personally I only want this as an option. I wont use it much at all, maybe if broadband goes down at home, or if I happen to be out with MacBook Pro and iPhone and need access to something that I can’t get off the iPhone.

    I think people that are thinking of using it as an alternative to a broadband service will be hit hard.

    How you thinking of using it?

  3. smee

    Anybody know if this still works on movistar with the 3.1 software update?

    Also, the iphone rate plans (tarifas) are for “unlimited data” but they ‘throttle’ your connection to a slower speed after you have reached your monthly limit.
    With this plan, why would tethering matter to them?

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Works OK.

    Movistar rates is for either 200Mb or 1GB so not unlimited at all.

    As for the others the unlimited is all based on a concept of ‘fair use’ so they limit it.

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