The Changing Face Of Cricket Commentary

I have become slightly obsessed (no surprise I know) with watching cricket on TV not so much out of any interest for the actual games, but for the detailed technical analysis from ex players.

This is an area that has evolved a lot since ‘my day’ when the presenter was very often not even an ex player and the commentary was restricted to describing what was going on.

Todays viewers have no idea how fortunate they are with the multi camera angles, ex players analysis and more and more frequently these days, a ‘master class’.

I genuinely know more about the technical aspects of the game than I ever did when I played (more natural talent than drill advocate), and I certainly know more about my own game than I ever did.

I confess that even as I approach 60 I was as chuffed as a young kid when the coaches at Edgbaston told me this week that whilst I still have a natural eye for the ball, it has been great for them to work with someone that think so much about their game and works hard. Both coaches took time out this week to say how well I had batted, and how much I had improved and it meant a lot.

I have still to see how all the hard work translates to runs and time in the middle, but I am hugely satisfied with the amount of effort I have put in, and the improvements I have made.

Which brings me back to the hours spent watching the TV (sorry radio I know you do a good job but sport without pictures doesn’t do much for me I am afraid) and I confess the subsequent hours spent in front of the mirror drilling in the changes I want/need to make.

This simply wasn’t an option back in the day ie. the late 70s and early 80s, and I am far from convinced that with my attitude back then I would have benefitted too much but in today’s climate with the kids receiving individual coaching (which as one I am duty bound to say is hugely beneficial, and another change for the good since ….. you know when) I would advocate a little less time thrashing the ball in the nets and a lot more time listening, watching and thinking about the game.

It’s the thinking that is the key!

Thank You

Continued thanks for their support go to Masuri , Gray-Nicolls and Williamson-Boucher who between them more than fulfil my match day, training and casual requirements. Both on and off the field I am the equivalent of a modern day walking A Board, even on the Golf Course as I have started playing again! They are all great companies and people who helped with my return to cricket in 2021 and I am delighted to have their continued support. I will continue to support the NHS as well as the exceptional Heaven Help Us Cricket Club Charity.

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