The Departed

I had intended to watch The Departed a long time ago but somehow or other always seemed to miss it. Anyway we had a couple of hours to kill in the evening after we had been out for lunch and before we headed out to see in the New Year so finally got round to watching this excellent film. Jack Nicholson was superb, and I particularly liked the ending which I wont spoil but suffice to say it was good to see that noboddy benefited! Well worth a watch and a great film to end the year on!

2 thoughts on “The Departed

  1. Gary

    I’ll need to keep an eye out for that one. I note that in addition to your praise, it has a well above average rating over at IMDB.

  2. Sandra Marshall

    Loved it too, BUT being a slightly touchy feely woman, there was someone that I DID want to benefit, so while I found the ending refreshing it was also a little disappointing …

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