The MacReviewCast #88

Welcome to episode 88 of the MacReviewCast, I want to thank you for downloading and listening to the podcast. We have a lot of great folks on today’s episode with their reviews and comments on software, hardware and websites that make using the Mac special. Plus I’ll have the top freeware Mac MenuBar apps and much more.

Here is the freeware and shareware I look at during the podcast:
Allison Sheridan: NosillaCast Podcast: Imagecaster From EconTechnologies
Jeweled Platypus:
Tiny Alarm:

This week we are talking to our friend from Spain, Chris Marshall. here is what he talked about:
Cult of Mac:
My Top Ten Apps:

Trent Armstrong from the website joins us today. Here is what Trent reviews
KeyWord Assistant:

Robert Pritchett from the joins us today. Here is what we discuss
I Love My Mac Gift Away:
Art Text:

Jeff Powell joins us today. Here is what he talks about
Optimized Firefox Builds: BeatnikPad
Roundup of 10 Mac OS X UI modification apps
A Perfect Thing
Nintendo Wii Web Browser
Photoshop cs3 free trial
How to download HD Trailers from

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1 thought on “The MacReviewCast #88

  1. MyAppleStuff Post author

    And here are my notes:

    I have been working on a project to develop an application called CastCount ( ) and this has been launched today over on the MacAppADay site. So far it has gone very well, a few negative comments but the majority have been very supportive.

    In terms of my own blog it has been quite, but I have had some frustrations with Flickr ( ). I was really pleased to get a free upgrade to PRO but confused as I had no notification of why, who or for how long so I was a little upset to get a notification that the account would expire on the 12th January. AM not sure a month is long enough to determine if this is something I want, and feel they should have been upfront with their communication. All feels a little pressured and underhand, added to which they aren’t very good at replying to emails!

    With respect to Apple we are entering the “silly season” of speculation and wish lists for 2007 so I found this article that looked at some of the wider issues facing Apple to be really interesting (

    I don’t have a review for you this week. I have been trying to figure out my own “Top 10”. I will be writing about this over the next couple of days so I am not going to spill the beans here. If I was measuring purely on what I use more than anything else then it would be NetNewsWire ( )

    Finally, I would like to mention the Picture Competition that I am running along with The MyMacGames and Surfbits

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